Phone Wakes Tiger

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Charles H. Sampson, May 20, 2014.

  1. I have a G4 running Tiger with a DSL connection. If the phone rings
    when it's asleep, it wakes up. Is there any way to stop this?

    I'd be quite happy to look this up in the comp.sys.mac.system
    archive. Is there one somewhere? If the USENET archive still at Google
    Groups, I haven't figured out how to find it.

    Charles H. Sampson, May 20, 2014
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  2. Charles H. Sampson

    Patty Winter Guest

    Patty Winter, May 21, 2014
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  3. Charles H. Sampson

    Your Name Guest

    Have you got line filters on the appropriate phoneline wall sockets?

    Is the phone on the same desk and physically shaking it enough to move
    the mouse and wake the computer?

    Fax or answerphone software of some sort?

    I can't think of any other reason why the ringing phone would wake a
    Your Name, May 21, 2014
  4. Many thanks. When looking for that I found another enabled setting
    called "Wake when the modem detects a ring."I've disabled that one but
    left the "Wake of Ethernet access" enabled. I'm not sure what "Ethernet
    access" means (Help doesn't help) but I think I might want it when I try
    to wirelessly connect another computer to the G4.

    I'll report the results of this experiment.

    Charles H. Sampson, May 21, 2014
  5. Great! When I went to I was redirected to!overview. I see nothing on that page that
    indicates how to get to the USENET archive. Now I know. Thanks.

    Charles H. Sampson, May 21, 2014
  6. Many thanks for your time but I had already considered all of
    these. I wondered if I had a faulty filter that allow some of the voice
    line information to leak into the DSL side. I've even tried putting the
    mouse upside down thinking that a little jiggle might be causing the
    problem. I made sure that the machine wasn't set to handle incoming FAX.

    I'm currently trying Jolly Roger's suggestion -- sort of -- and I
    suspect that it will cure the problem.

    Charles H. Sampson, May 21, 2014
  7. Charles H. Sampson

    David Empson Guest

    "Wake when the modem detects a ring" only applies to the built-in modem
    in the G4, if you have the telephone line plugged directly into the G4
    (e.g. if you are using a dial-up Internet connection, or you use the G4
    to send or receive faxes).

    The "Wake for Ethernet access" option refers to a mechanism supported by
    many computers called a "Magic Packet", which is a specially formed
    Ethernet packet that identifies a specific computer to be woken
    (incorporating the globally unique hardware address of the Ethernet
    interface, also known as the "MAC address", which Apple usually refers
    to as the "Ethernet ID" in System Preferences).

    If that packet is detected and the option is enabled, then the Mac will
    wake up. It is typically used by "Wake on LAN" software, or recent
    Airport base stations which support acting as a Bonjour sleep proxy and
    can wake up a sleeping server when a connection attempt is made to a
    service which the computer had advertised on the network prior to going
    to sleep.

    This packet would not be randomly appearing on your network (with the
    correct checksum) just because the telephone rang. Something external
    would have to be deliberately sending it. The DSL modem might have the
    ability to send that packet (from its administrative user interface),
    but I've never heard of one which does so automatically in response to a
    ringing signal on the telephone line.
    David Empson, May 21, 2014
  8. Charles H. Sampson

    JF Mezei Guest

    Wake on Ethernet is a setting that makes the ethernet card not sleep.
    Upon receo]t of a specially crafted ETHERNET packet, the ethernet card
    sends a signal to the machine to wakeup. You phone would not be sending
    such a packet to that machine.

    If your phone is left connected to your mac to recharge etc, it is
    possible that when you wake up the phone, it wakes up the machine (and a
    inbound call would wake up the phone).

    You can test this fairly easily: when phone and computer are asleep,
    just press the home button on the phone to wake it up and see if it
    wakes up the computer.

    Another possibility: if you have photos on the iphone, it may also start
    the iPhone application when it wakes up.
    JF Mezei, May 21, 2014
  9. Charles H. Sampson

    JF Mezei Guest

    Google recently removed the "deja news" search page. It is still
    possible to search, but not so obvious

    specify group:comp.sys.mac.system string (where string is what you are
    looking for).

    Note that this does not work for all groups. For instance, it won't
    work for for this, you need to enter it manually with!forum/
    JF Mezei, May 21, 2014
  10. Charles H. Sampson

    Lewis Guest

    Lewis, May 21, 2014
  11. And here I am reporting. Based on one day's experience, disabling
    "Wake when the modem detects a ring" solves my problem. The computer
    slept happily today while the phone rang unceasingly. (We're in the
    run-up to an election.)

    Charles H. Sampson, May 22, 2014
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