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    Sep 27, 2010
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    I got a free computer, The original owner Gave it away bc it was not working.
    I found that when the computer Boots up, The ONLY Screen is a BootBlock v1 Screen.
    With the error 'Rom Check Sum Error'. So i am guessing most of the Bios are Corrupt
    Or the Wrong Bios where Flashed. after Finding the right Bios i tried many many many
    times and many different ways to flash a new one. No luck what so ever.

    At this point all the computer will do is boot to the BootBlock error Screen.

    Motherboard: Aopen CA64-TN Rev. A+ (have pics)
    Bios: (Removable) 32pin PhonixBios D686 (phonix 1998) 051126971 (have pics)
    SST/MPF 39sf020A / 70-4c-PH / 0045257-a

    It asks for a Floopy disk, and no matter what i put on the Floopy it will not Except it.
    I double Checked and the Floopy Drive is working.

    Does anyone have any Ideals on how i can get this working?
    Or where i can Buy a new Chip?
    I have a 32 pin Chip Flasher is there a program i can use to Flash this Chip Directly?
    (i have Google all the Above Q's with no answers)

    Thank you, NASFreak

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    NASFreak, Sep 27, 2010
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