PII G6 266 MHz - newest BIOS version allows use of 'modern' modules?

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by hamann_td, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. hamann_td

    hamann_td Guest

    Okay, two days ago I upgraded an old Gateway Pentium 2 G6 266 MHz
    system with 64 Mb of RAM.

    I gave it a couple of older components coming from my old AMD Duron PC
    (which died after an MB failure):
    - a new videocard (Asus NVidia TNT2 M64 with 32 Megs of RAM).
    - a 128 Mb 133 MHz SDRAM module.

    Before doing the upgrade, I upgraded the machine's BIOS to the latest
    version - from version P08 to version P18 (note about this upgrade: the
    COMMAND.COM file included with the BIOS download from Gateway's site
    appears to be *corrupted* - I had to use Win98SE's COMMAND.COM file).

    The memory module had been tried in the G6 before the BIOS upgrade, and
    wasn't recognised back then. It didn't work at all in combination with
    the original 64 Mb memory module. Not surprising, seeing it is a
    single-sided 8-chip module (I think), and according to all sources I've
    read it shouldn't work with this motherboard.

    After the BIOS upgrade, it got RECOGNISED. It also shows up in Windows,
    and the machine is super stable. No problems using it in combination
    with the old memory module.

    So the verdict: always perform a BIOS upgrade before upgrading a PC.

    I can now run my games properly... ^_^
    hamann_td, Apr 11, 2005
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  2. hamann_td

    Ben Myers Guest

    Thank you. This IS interesting and useful information. I'm mildly surprised,
    because the rule of thumb has been that older PC66 motherboards would have a
    hard time working with PC133 memory.

    I don't think I would upgrade the BIOS unless I suspected that an older BIOS was
    getting in the way of a successful upgrade. Now, to make doubly sure, download
    and run MEMTEST-86, a free memory disgnostic test, one of the most comprehensive
    ones. It should verify what you've already seen, that the memory upgrade
    worked... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Apr 11, 2005
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  3. But the real question is: What games couldn't you run before, that you can
    now run on an old PII-266?
    Hurricane Andrew, Apr 12, 2005
  4. hamann_td

    Tweek Guest

    This is not suprising. The modules that would not work at all are the ones
    with 256mbit chips, eg. 4 chips for 128mb, these are the new PC133 only
    modules. It is confusing, but these modules will work at PC100 speeds, but
    only with chipsets that support the high density modules. Also, a machine
    that requires PC133 modules would not necessarily work with the high density
    modules. A good, widespread example is the Intel i810e chipet. It supports
    133Mhz fsb Pentium III processors, but will not support the high density,
    PC133 only modules. It has been my experience (in general) that the
    PC100/133 low density modules will work in just about any board as long as
    the module capacity is supported (128 or 256mb modules).
    Tweek, Apr 12, 2005
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