PIIIDR3 freezes: help!

Discussion in 'Supermicro' started by Marcin Struzak, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Now that is one temperamental board! Planned to use it as an upgrade
    to SMP from an ASUS P3CLS. At first it would not start up; turned out
    it did not like my Kingston RIMMs from the ASUS, so I had to buy
    "guaranteed to work in that mobo" set from 4allmemory. Next XP setup
    could not find my SCSI160 HD; turned out the BIOS was getting confused
    by my IDE ZIP; had to disconnect it for the install, then plug it

    Now the system locks unexpectedly, but consistently, usually within
    12h from a reset. Current, stripped for freeze-tests, configuration:

    CPU0: 800EB/256/133/1.65V S1 CPU1: 800EB/256/133/1.65V S1
    10310440-0152 Philippines 90150062-0165 MALAY
    i(m)(c) '99 SC458 i(m)(c) '99 SC458

    RDRAM: a pair of 256MB PC800 ECC from 4allmemory, interleaved with

    BIOS: 1.2 downloaded from supermicro.com
    (back when it would not boot with my old memory)

    Peripherals: CDRW on IDE0
    HD SCSI160 on LVD

    Extensions: PCI4 - SB Live! Platinum
    AGP - Matrox G400 DualHead

    Case/PSU: Antec SX1040BII and 400W w/SmartPower

    Jumpers: FSB - 133 (see below)
    Audio - disabled
    SCSI termination - disabled (see below)
    LAN - enabled
    overheat alarm - enabled
    PS fail alarm - disabled

    The system runs fine:

    1) with both CPUs, when FSB is set to 100MHz
    2) with one CPU in one slot, and a CM in the other, regardless of
    which of the two CPUs and which slot, with FSB at 133MHz

    It freezes in every other configuration.

    Technical support from Supermicro suggested that the dependency on the
    FSB speed indicates faulty RAM, but it runs fine at 133MHz with only
    one CPU!

    Other postings in this NG indicated possible faulty PSUs; people also
    swapped video and sound cards (which I did not do) or moved PCI boards
    around (which I did not do either), but neither seemed to help (in one
    of the two cases I read PSU was at fault, and the in the other it was
    the memory).

    All of my components (short of the new RAM and the second CPU) were
    running perfectly on the ASUS.

    I am almost ready to write off the board and get on with my life, and
    thought maybe someone here could have an idea of the last thing to
    try. Any and all help will be truly appreciated!

    --Marcin Struzak
    Marcin Struzak, Oct 8, 2004
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