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Discussion in 'Dell' started by me, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. me

    me Guest

    Started a new thread:
    I agree....and one reason I'm reluctant to get the Treo
    680 with a two year contract with carrier even.

    What current Windows mobile PPC would YOU get if
    looking for an unlocked GSM unit?

    I just switched cell carriers and they are GSM and are
    open to me buying my own hardware (smart phone)
    long as its unlocked GSM

    I'm also concerned abt the Treos NOT having wifi. I
    realize that you have the carrier for Net access.....
    but maybe there are times one WOULD like to use a wifi
    hot spot huh?

    On the BT module. I didn't get that built in and wish I
    had. Course I can still order it and install myself.

    I went with Intel wifi module as well... thinking as
    you did that driver more likely available for other OS
    me, Feb 22, 2007
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  2. me

    journey Guest

    I don't know what is out there for WM PPC smartphones. One thing I
    would look for is screen resolution. I believe at least the first
    Treo WM smartphone had less resolution than the Palm Treo. That's not
    good, especially because WM makes less efficient use of screen space
    to begin with.

    For me, right now, the Treo 680 fits the bill, and it should do just
    fine for the next few years. I like it over Windows Mobile because:

    - Lightning fast -- like the old mainframe green screens compared to

    - Better software, for now. The two major PIM programs for WM,
    Agenda Fusion and Pocket Informant don't have floating events. I
    e-mailed the developers and posted on their forums and couldn't
    convince them of the value of that, even though there were many other
    former Palm users who also expressed an interest. If I know I have to
    pay my annual health club dues by November 15th every year, I just put
    a floating annual event starting on November 1st, and it gives me 15
    days lead time. One of the benefits of having a PDA is to (as Dave
    Allen of Getting Things Done would say) free psychic RAM. Every month
    on the 25th there is a 5 day floating event to pay my rent. Out of
    sight, out of mind, until I need to have it in mind. The developer of
    Pocket Informant said a To Do with a date of Nov 15th and the proper
    filters applied to the to do list would achieve the same result. Not.
    I don't want a PDA to complicate my life more, I want it to make it
    easier. Also, with Datebk5, arguably the best PDA for the Palm, you
    can change the font, color, bold, background color of appointments or
    tasks so they stand out more. The WM PIM world is about to change
    though. Iambic Software just released Agendus for the Pocket PC, and
    it does have floating events, and Palm users will flock to it or
    migrate to it, so the other two PIM makers will have to add that

    - The Natara Bonsai outliner program is only available for the Palm
    for now. Natara has released Daynotez for the Pocket PC so I think
    Bonsai will also be eventually ported to the PPC.

    - With the Palm bundled Documents to Go programs, you can edit Word
    and Excel files in their native format. That means I can just drag
    and drop Word or Excel files to a SD card and your data is ready to
    go. Or, just keep the files on the SD card permanently, and pop it
    into your desktop card reader when you want to edit them on your PC.
    Amazingly, the Windows Mobile Word and Excel apps do not use the
    native formats, so you can't drag and drop or edit right on the SD
    card. The WM Word and Excel apps also do not do as good of a job as
    the Palm counterparts for Word tables for example. Microsloth keeps
    improving, slowly, over time, and it has time because it can leverage
    its Monopoly. Once again, competition is dropping out. Palm has been
    spinning its wheels and making strategic mistakes. Palm has been
    alienating people by releasing Treos without voice recording or
    notepad. Unbelievable... They have fixed most of those things with
    the Treo 680.

    I could go on about other software (Splash Shopper, Splash ID) that is
    better on the Palm. When I visit a lot of the web sites for the
    products, I am seeing that a lot of them are being released for the
    Pocket PC now too. So, a few years from now when I am ready to switch
    from my Treo 680, Windows Mobile will be more mature and have apps to
    replace the ones I use on my Palm now.
    I can't understand people when they talk about browsing the web on
    their PDAs. There may be some uses for it, but for the most part it's
    absurd. Would a person want to browse the web on a tiny window on
    their desktop PC? No way.

    The benefit of being able to access the Internet from my mobile device
    is that I can get e-mail when I need to (rarely, but when I do it's
    useful) and the Treo can check for new e-mail at intervals and notify
    you. You can get text messages (I don't use that but I can see where
    it would be useful -- "honey, I am going to be a little late
    tonight"). The other benefits are little apps that do things like
    check stock prices, or get local weather -- that kind of thing.

    There has been no situation, and I don't foresee one, that I would
    want a Treo to be Wi-Fi enabled, because the data plan ($10 unlimited
    / month) is available _everywhere_. I don't have to have coffee at
    Atlanta Bread Company because Starbucks uses T-Mobile. I have
    anytime, everywhere, access to the web apps, and I don't have to pay
    any attention to where hot spots are.
    Chances are I won't ever use it with another OS. I looked at Unix
    books and it seemed to be a lifetime pursuit, similar to learning
    Japanese, lol. Maybe if the commands like "grep" actually indicated
    what the command does. I am a little deficient in some skills I'd
    like to have, even simple .bat files, MS Dos commands. I was a Mac
    user until Windows 95 came out (from the 128k Mac in 1984, over $2,000
    and only about 50k useable on the 400k floppies). Just like Palm,
    Apple dropped out. MS plugged along. Apple had Windows, Cut, Copy,
    Paste, and more than 8.3 character file names for about a decade, and
    what did they do? They went for short term profits over market share.
    Also, they got accolades for their "1984" commercial with the woman
    throwing the hammer shattering the Orwellian image. Big deal, oh wow,
    what an artistic commercial, that DOES NOT SHOW the advantage or
    features of the Mac vs. the IBM Clones. The IBM clones were fish in a
    barrel, Apple could have put out effective commercials just comparing
    what could be done with a Mac vs. PC. Have a frame where it shows a
    Mac file named "Letter from Aunt Avis Christmas 1988" and then a frame
    showing the PC Clone file name of "LtAvCh98.doc" and then another fram
    saying "How would you like to name your files?". Apple could have put
    out little short commercials like that ridiculing the PC clones for a
    _decade_. In the 90's Apple dropped out -- missed OS dates, just like
    Palm is dropping out now. Lotus dropped out.

    Now there's no hope. Noone can compete with Microsoft and win,
    long-term. Microsoft is virtually guaranteed that over time it can
    leverage its monopoly. And, the slower it does it the better because
    people won't take as much notice. Case in point will be the Zune.
    Right now I like the iPod better (for one thing it plays Audible files
    and the Zune doesn't). However, MS will be able to integrate the Zune
    (and control how) with future versions of "Media player" that comes
    with Windows. iTunes, light years ahead right now, is going to lose
    (plus, it lacks eye candy... hello Apple...).

    Since I am writing a book here I might as well finish that thought lol

    What I would like to see (and people have shot this idea down) is for
    Linux and the open source community to put together a very complete
    (it has to be complete or it won't work) package of a simple and
    stable OS, productivity apps that appeal to the masses, and undercut
    Windoze because it could run faster on less costly hardware. Give the
    average person most or all of what they would need and want.

    It probably wouldn't fly, but that's the only chance I see of anyone
    making inroads against MS on the consumer side. Of course, on the
    Business side MS wouldn't have competition, and people would probably
    want to use at home what they do at work. And, PC's aren't at the
    magical $2,500 sweet spot price point anymore, so it would be hard to
    undercut Windows now.

    I wonder what MS will be like 25 years from now. Bill Gates could
    declare independence and buy Washington State and have his own country
    then. The world would funnel money his way and then he would,
    philantrhopist as he (and his heirs) is, could have accolades about
    what a generous person he is with the Bill and Melinda Gates
    foundation. If he's smart, he will create his own currency, because
    the U.S. and the dollar are a house of cards and it's not going to be
    pretty when the world shifts to China. But that's another book...

    Journey for President ...

    (another installment in my "thanks for sharing" series)
    journey, Feb 22, 2007
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  3. me

    me Guest

    Ok didn't know this..... I thought the PPC version as
    faster. Is the Palm version just faster due to
    elegance in the OS? I would have thought the PPC
    version of the Palm to have a higher speed CPU. No?
    Good point..and a BIG one for me as well. My main
    reason for wanting a smart phone or PDA is to free up
    my "mental ram" and to leverage my daily activities and
    life. I'm full time student now and need to do things
    on the fly. I cant count on being able to set down at
    night in front of full blown desktop/laptop and login
    on to Net to update PIMs. Sounds like the Palm OS is
    still clear winner here huh?
    But what abt those times you might be in strange city
    driving in car and want to look something up on web
    such as a map or location of hotel or place to eat?
    You say you have no need of that? Even with full
    Internet access thru cell tower (no wifi)?

    One more question...

    One other smart hone I'm "looking" at and that gets
    good reviews is the Nokia 6682. see link,1895,1831720,00.asp

    Its is symbian based and does NOT have a full keyboard
    on it like the 680.

    NOT having that keyboard worries me a bit. How handy is
    it in your mind to have a full thumb keyboard like on
    Treo 680? A must have?
    me, Feb 22, 2007
  4. me

    me Guest

    would LOVE to see such a thing as well

    I more into SPEED of apps rather than eye candy

    I want to get work DONE...and apps to react fast!

    And it doesn't take a whopping CPU to do that....just
    fast efficient software not bloated with a ton of
    visual effects and eye candy
    me, Feb 22, 2007
  5. me

    journey Guest

    Hi, if you want, feel free to e-mail me at jrny_of_life at
    and I'll call you when it's convenient -- easier that way.
    journey, Feb 22, 2007
  6. me

    journey Guest

    I'd call a friend and have that person look it up for me on their
    computer :)

    The phone network is better because I won't be limited to public wi-fi
    hot spots where I might be bothered by the paparazzi.

    Brittney and I were just talking about that the other night while we
    were waiting for Paris Hilton to show up.

    What's a person to do these days when others don't respect our
    privacy? I guess that's the price one pays for fame.
    journey, Feb 22, 2007
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