Pinnacle PCTV USB Capture device & TV tuner

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Fred Lonsdale, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. I bought this with my 700XL in a package with Pinnacle Studio 8 software.
    (Actually, the machine was preconfigured with this package and sold as a
    machine with advanced audio/video capabilities.) gateway does not support
    the Pinnacle hardware or software. Getting support from Pinnacle is a waste
    of time. The product does work occasionally for short periods of time. I
    will not go into details, unless someone asks.

    The capture/TV tuner card will only work with the Pinnacle software. It was
    specifically designed this way. (They kept it very secret. I am sure no one
    would buy this if they knew about this in advance.)

    So my questions are:

    1.) does anyone know if someone has developed a way to use the Pinnacle USB
    card with other software?

    2.) can anyone recommend other hardware/software configurations that would
    allow me to capture old home video/audio tapes and newer digital home
    videos/audio and web camera video/audio and TV. I also would like to create
    CD's and DVD's of my home videos to give to my relatives and friends.
    Fred Lonsdale, Oct 14, 2003
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