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pixel shader support - can you fake it?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by cowboyz, May 4, 2004.

  1. cowboyz

    cowboyz Guest

    2 questions really.

    Splinter cell 2 won't play on a GF4MX because of the lack of pixel shader
    support. Says so on the box, says so in the "test your machine". My
    neighbour really wanted to play this game so I swapped him my 9800PRO for
    his GF4MX440SE. I thought I would just see what happens if I load spinter
    cell 2. Loads the menu and when you try to start the game it quits to the
    desktop. Oh well, I thought, never hurt to try. Then I loaded it again
    and loaded one of my saved games and it worked. More experimenting shows I
    can load every level except level 1!. Some of them look damn shocking and
    would just be impossible to play. Some others you wouldn't know the
    So my first question is can you fake pixel shader support to play the game
    and just not have it show whatever pixel shaders do?

    My second question is how hard would it have been to write in to simply not
    show pixel shader effects? So the game would still play on lower cards but
    wouldn't look as good? Or is the pixel shader code so tidied into
    everything else it would have been a mission to have some kinda of
    subroutine to bypass it? Or do they just expect that everyone who wants to
    play the game will have or buy a flasher video card?

    I also notice after clocking the game (actually noticed well before that but
    thought I'd throw the fact that I clocked the game in there for an ego trip)
    that it really resembles SC 1 in the graphics and gameplay department.
    Everything looks sharper and cleaner and the physics are definitely better
    but if you played SC 1 for a level and SC 2 for a level you really would
    have trouble ID'ing the 2. And SC1 run on a GeForce 1.
    Also I got Beyond good and evil which is my most recommended game of all
    time. It is simply amazing. I mention this because the general opinion of
    this household is the graphics in BGAE are WAY better than SC2. And BGAE
    will play on the lower cards without pixel shader support AND both games are
    made by the same company (UBISOFT)

    cowboyz, May 4, 2004
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