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please help i need a sony vaio restore CD pcg-f540''

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by Tony Hays, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. Tony Hays

    Tony Hays Guest

    Hi my Pastor friend Has a
    "Sony vaio pcg-f540''
    in which he has lost the CD that came with his whole package deal and we had
    to redo his whole computer and did not know the CD was missing. Can you
    please help us out and make us a copy of you have one?
    Tony Hays
    714 n. 16st
    Enid, ok 73701
    580 233 5449
    Tony Hays, Jul 22, 2003
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  2. Tony Hays

    Tim O'Neill Guest

    I have a PCG-560. There four (4) recovery CDs. Two (2) for the System and
    two (2) for applications. These recovery CDs apply to
    PCG-590/580/570/560/540. They will install Windows 98 SE, and the factory
    versions of the applications. Which one do you need?
    Tim O'Neill, Jul 26, 2003
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