Please help with G450 and Biostar M7NCD

Discussion in 'Biostar' started by jakesnake, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. jakesnake

    jakesnake Guest

    My G450 is not detected on my new homebuilt computer - Biostar Nforce2
    board, Athlon XP1700+, running Windows XP Pro. I had an old Nvidia
    card in there that worked fine, but the computer will not recognize
    the G450. I've tried two G450s, the result is the same - cannot be
    found. When I add the card manually, the Matrox driver s/w still will
    not detect the card, even though the "G400/450" is listed in the
    device manager. When I run the s/w from the setup icon, I get a
    message that says "This software does not detect any Matrox hardware
    installed on your computer . . . " When I try to add the card with
    the h/w wizard, XP cannot find the drivers in the folder, although
    they are clearly there. Obviously, as far as this pc is concerned,
    there simply is not a G450 in that AGP slot. I've uninstalled,
    reinstalled, tried Win certified drivers, latest drivers, installing
    from CD, from hard drive, zipped, unzipped (the Mgafold folder), etc.
    Does anyone here have a suggestion?
    Thank you very much for any input.

    jakesnake, Feb 8, 2004
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