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Please help with toshiba 230CX problem. Please.

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by eric, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. eric

    eric Guest

    I'm working with a friend's laptop, an old Toshiba satellite 230CX. It
    is turning into the laptop from hell. :))

    It is a Pentium 133 with 16 of EDO memory and a 1.35gb hd. The person
    who uses it is really poor and doesn't really need to do too much with
    it. Someone had installed win98 and on it and it ran like molasses
    with that memory. So I suggested reformatting and loading win95b on it
    and that I would undertake the project.

    First of all, the floppy disc drive does not work, the original one
    which came with the laptop. It is recognized but when you place a
    floppy in it within Windows, it says it cannot read. I have a dell
    floppy drive with com port cable which I hooked up and it performed
    exactly the same. It will not boot from the floppy drive either when
    I place a bootable floppy in it. So it appears that floppy use is out.

    It does have a cd drive though. Using a bootable cd I gained access to
    the drdos tools and f-disked and formatted the hard drive. I then
    loaded win95 onto the recently formatted drive and typed setup.exe at
    the prompt.

    The message I receive has been: "Windows Setup requires 'largest
    executable program size' to be at least 429856 bytes to run". I
    worked on this for hours, reformatting etc, but to no avail. I googled
    up support.microsoft.com/kb/q289727/

    and read the four suggestions:

    o The amount of space on the hard disk has been reported

    Could be, I imagine, but in that case how can I get it to report size

    o You installed drive overlay software, but you did not follow
    the correct installation sequence. For example,
    you may have to press the SHIFT key or use a similar keystroke
    combination to start your computer when you use a disk.


    o The computer has a virus.

    Did a check with F-prot in Dos. No problems there. Every time I need
    to do something, I have to burn a cd (and the cd drive does not
    recognize RW discs.

    o The computer has failing or faulty hardware.

    Could be, I imagine.

    The article begins with "The number that is reported may be 4,442,368
    or 442,368 bytes".

    Slightly different from mine.

    Anyway, I am thinking this is a memory problem, but for the life of me
    I can't imagine where to go from here. Can someone give me a lead,
    please. Pretty please.

    thanks, eric
    eric, Nov 3, 2005
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  2. eric

    John Doue Guest

    To check the size of the HD, try to run Hitachi Feature Tool ">
    Any way, if the RAM really is only 16, I would not even bother trying to
    use Win95, or worse 98. Try 3.11.
    John Doue, Nov 3, 2005
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  3. eric

    eric Guest

    would i need a floppy drive to run this tool?

    thanks, eric
    eric, Nov 3, 2005
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