>PLINK< @#$%ing center pin in Inspiron 6000 charger snapped off

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Thomas G. Marshall, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Ok, a couple questions about this.

    The DC end of the charger (adapter) is a barrel connector with a center pin
    that seems pretty dang thin for the job. I've always been suspicious of
    that things ability to tough it out over time.

    It's missing, and a small amount of it fell out of the notebook bent and
    mangled. Presumably because it had not lined up properly or something
    similar and got munged during some insertion attempt.

    The adapter is one of the PA-12 family and is the model #:


    With that dell PN of


    Pain having all these identifiers by the way.


    1. There may be some part of it still in the notebook's connector. Is there
    an easy way to open the notebook up, and poke it out with a pin from the

    2. I've ordered something that claims to be a genuine dell PA-1650-05D2 from
    a 3rd party source. Hopefully not a refurb/used thing. What is the
    difference between the 05D2 and the 05D ?

    2b. Are 3rd party non-genuine non-dell adapters safe when they have all the
    same specs?

    3. What is the difference between the various DP/N's ? They are often all
    PA-1650-05D2's but with differing dell part numbers.

    4. Is it worth it to try to open the adapter up, and replace just the DC
    barrel connector? The AC end of the thing just pulls out, but in someone's
    wisdom, the DC side is connected in such a way that I would have to split
    the thing open.

    Thomas G. Marshall, Oct 14, 2007
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  2. Thomas G. Marshall

    Tom Scales Guest

    There are way too many part numbers for these adapters. I buy them off
    ebay and just ignore everything except the PA-xx. The I6000 requires
    the 65W version which is, I think, the smallest. It also works fine
    with the 90W version. I wouldn't risk a third party one, as the Dell
    adapters report their abilities to the computer and I'll bet the generic
    ones don't. They're pretty cheap on ebay (<$20).

    As for 'poking it out', no way. The way the connector is built, it's
    closed at the other end. Trust me, you don't want to attempt it either.

    If push comes to shove, I have a company that I have used to repair my
    I6000 and replace the motherboard connector. It's about a hundred
    bucks, but they do nice work.

    Tom Scales, Oct 14, 2007
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  3. Tom Scales said something like:
    Hmmm, did the uber-search thing already, and I didn't trust the "PA-12
    family" thing entirely, figured it might not be what the 6000 needed
    /exactly/ ....

    The ones on ebay that are <$20, if you look, are all 3rd party ones, or
    05D's and not 05D2's.

    As I pointed out, I already ordered a genuine dell one (not from dell), it
    was something like $35, incl. shipping, but I'm more concerned about what
    might be left inside the machine.

    I'm assuming that a very very tiny wad of bubblegum on the end of a needle
    isn't going to pull the thing out...

    Thomas G. Marshall, Oct 14, 2007
  4. Thomas G. Marshall

    Journey Guest

    I've mixed and matched "PA-"<fill in the blank> since the initial 600m
    through *many* different Latitude and Inspirons and have never had any
    problems with compatibility.

    A few of them stopped working for some reason -- the green light would
    come on for a few seconds and then go out. Dell has been good about
    replacing them because I have an extended warranty on one of my
    laptops. Sometimes Dell wants the defective part returned, and at
    other times they don't.

    I don't know what the difference between the 65W and the 90W ones are
    and if the 90W ones charge the laptop faster. I just sold a laptop
    for a profit and included the 65W one instead of the 90W one because I
    assumed 90W is better.

    Obviously I could have been playing with fire mixing and matching
    power suppliles not intended for a specific computer, but happily they
    all seem interchangeable.
    Journey, Oct 14, 2007
  5. Journey said something like:
    For the record, I bought one from AtBatt.com for $23 +$6 shipping. It seems
    to have matched all the model #'s identically (if you can believe that). It
    seems to work, I'll let you know if it fails.

    Thomas G. Marshall, Oct 19, 2007
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