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Pls recommend good external enclosure for 3.5" Maxtor 200GB drive

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by waukena, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. waukena

    waukena Guest


    Please advise. I laid out a lot of money on a 3.5" Maxtor 200GB drive
    (DiamondMax10, PATA 133, 8 MB buffer) and an AMS Venus 5.25" hard drive

    enclosure with USB 2.0 and Firewire connections (model# DS-2512C).
    I bought them both on newegg -- the latter by accident as I meant to
    push the button for the AMS Venus 3.5" model but on newegg the order
    goes into the system immediately and can't be fixed. Another problem
    with newegg is they only accept returns, even of defective products,
    within 30 days from invoice -- since I live overseas but shipped it to
    NY, I got it delivered too late to return.
    The Venus enclosure was clearly problematic to begin with: (1) the fan
    made an enormous amount of noise, which was way too loud for me to
    comfortably use; and (2) very weird: the side of the USB cable that
    plugs into the Venus enclosure (the B male) simply did/does not plug in

    all the way (like it does in printers or the like)! The USB A male end

    that plugs into the computer plugs in fine, but the looseness of the
    connection with the external enclosure means that sometimes the
    computer stops recognizing it because the cable gets loose. This is not

    a problem with the particular USB cable, because I tried it with 2
    other excellent USB 2.0 cables with USB A male and USB B male
    connectors I have from Belkin and GoldX, respectively, and neither fit
    in any better - they just go in approximately half-way and stop!
    Worse, after I transferred some data onto the Maxtor drive when I
    finally (temporarily) got the computer to recognize the drive, I tried
    hours later -- when the case was cool and had been off for hours -- to
    read some of the data from the Maxtor drive. It worked for about 20
    minutes, at which point the drive + enclosure stopped working, despite
    still being cool to the touch. When I unplugged the Venus (universal)
    power adapter, though, IT was extremely hot and made a slight sizzling
    type sound when removed from the electricity. Needless to stay, I had
    a technician come next day and test the Maxtor drive itself, and it was

    Bottom line: I will try to get Maxtor to replace the drive under its
    warranty. BUT I will clearly need a new external enclosure and
    desperately need advice to find one that will (1) work reliably,
    obviously, and most important (2) keep the Maxtor cool enough while not

    having a fan making noise -- Venus claimed their fan was quiet, but a
    technician confirmed (when it was still working) that it was the fan
    and not the hard drive making all the noise.
    I've seen some aluminum 3.5" enclosures with mesh sides which claim to
    keep the drive cool via the combination of the mesh venting and the
    aluminum -- such as the StorTecc PM-350U2-MCB Black 3.5 Inch Slim
    Aluminum USB 2.0 External Enclosure advertised at
    www.dealsonic.com/stpmbl35insl.html -- but I'd appreciate educated
    advice before I drop another bundle!
    Thanks in advance,
    waukena, Feb 24, 2005
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  2. waukena

    Vlad Guest

    I have 2 USB 2.0 External Enclosure and decide to install 2 larger
    fans in order to keep the drives running at a decent temperature.
    One of them has a little fan but that wasn't any good
    I found the boxes to be of mediocre mechanical design.
    One of them is made (sold) by Maxtor. It looks very good but the hard
    drive that came with it was running extremely hot. One get's the
    impression the box was design to store the unit. Not to run it.

    Once you install the fans you can't place one on top of other, but
    without the extra cooling, the hard drive want last very long.

    Vlad, Jul 10, 2005
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