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plug in headphones - system locks up

Discussion in 'Soundblaster Live' started by Rocky, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Rocky

    Rocky Guest

    Rocky, Aug 29, 2004
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  2. Rocky

    Lenny Guest

    Could have been a static discharge when you touched the headphone plug to
    the connector. That can cause stuff like what you describe to happen. It can
    also nuke sensitive electronic components, such as your PC. Always make sure
    the computer and all its accessories are plugged into the same GROUNDED wall
    socket. Also, make sure to touch the metal chassis before you insert any
    plugs, and only plug/unplug plugs that are MEANT to be hot-plugged (ie: not
    serial/parallel cables, gameport, VGA etc).

    There's no particular reason your computer should reset by plugging in a set
    of headphones as the soundcard has no idea wether you have anything plugged
    in at all, or what it is; it can't sense such things. If it's not static, it
    could be a hardware problem.

    Does your box reset EVERY time you plug in your headphones? Do the phones
    work; ie, not shorted out? :D Try a different set of headphones and see if
    the same happens.
    Lenny, Aug 30, 2004
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  3. Rocky

    Rocky Guest

    Hi Lenny

    The phones are fine, checked them out. Here's the wierd thing, and I'll
    spell it out incase it makes any sense to you, it didn't to me.

    I have two PCs, "old" and "new". On the old PC I habitually swapped speakers
    and headphone plugs, no problem. If I wanted to use headphones, I just
    pulled the speaker cable out and shoved the headphones one in, no problem.
    Now, that old PC has sat idle for a couple of months, and this weekend
    before I transplanted the soundcard out of it, and into the new one I
    thought I'd better check that it still worked okay. So I plugged in the
    speakers, worked fine, but when I pulled out the speaker plug, the system
    froze. It had never done that before, but I thought nothing of it, and
    transplanted the soundcard to the new PC.

    That's when I discovered the same thing is happening on the new PC, i.e.
    removing or plugging in an audio cable from the soundcard is locking the PC
    up (not re-setting, just locking it up, so a reset is required).

    Soundcard knackered maybe?


    www.jointopscentral.com | www.ghostrecon.net | www.agr-s.com |

    Rocky, Aug 30, 2004
  4. Rocky

    Lenny Guest

    Soundcard knackered maybe?

    If this is something you did regularly as you say, you probably wore out the
    connector and now it causes a short or some such when the plug is
    inserted/removed. It's not exactly professional-level grade on the hardware
    mounted on these things - especially the more mechanical of the components.
    Either do not change plug with the power on, or get a cord extension and
    change on THAT plug - which should hopefully work better, heh heh - or get a
    new soundcard. Which might not actually be such a bad idea, because the
    Audigy2 ZS is a damn good card! Not THAT expensive either I might ad...
    Lenny, Sep 1, 2004
  5. Rocky

    Rocky Guest

    Good ideas there Lenny, thanks. What I have done is check the card was
    seated properly, which it was, but I noticed that the backplate wasn't
    sitting quite right where it fixes onto the rear of the PC, so I loosened
    the screws, pushed it alittle, and tightened it all back up. I've done a
    headphone swap twice since then and it has been okay, so maybe it was

    Fingers crossed it's all good now. If now I'll look at that ZS.

    www.jointopscentral.com | www.ghostrecon.net | www.agr-s.com |

    Rocky, Sep 1, 2004
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