PNY not honoring rebates!

Discussion in 'Asus' started by ROB, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. ROB

    ROB Guest

    Any body else in this boat?
    Bought PNY memory from Best buy with $25 rebate last month.
    Sent in all papers and upc code.
    Today get a postcard saying that I did not send in elgible barcode!
    I sent only one on package, how is that the incorrect one!
    I CANNOT Recommend PNY memory if that are gonna be such cheap liars!
    ROB, Jul 12, 2003
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  2. ROB

    Paul Guest

    The last time I did a rebate with PNY (over a year ago) I got a post card back.
    I don't remember the reason stated. I called the 800 number listed for the
    rebate and the went ahead and honored the rebate.

    It appeared to me, at the time, that what they were hoping for is that some
    people would dismiss the rebate as their mistake and would let it go.

    I scan every piece of rebate material I send in and if some company says that I
    did not include something or it was a bad copy. I simple tell them I have a
    very good scan of what ever they say they don't have or can't use and ask them
    for a fax number. I simply fax the scan to them and they can't get out of
    honoring the rebate since I did submit everything in a timely manner (including
    the follow-up call). Since I have starting doing this (plus using Rebate!
    Rebate! to help me track the rebates that are getting old), I have received
    every rebate.

    Paul, Jul 12, 2003
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  3. I did a rebate with PNY in Jan. Was sent it to;

    PNY Rebate Offer


    PO Box 28515

    Miami Florida


    USB SmartMedia Reader purchased at Circuit City. I received my check.

    I take a digital photograph of the entire package that I send for *any* rebate
    just in case. To date, I haven't needed my proof.
    I also include a letter stating my right of privacy and the anme and sddress
    can't be realeased to third parties not contected directly to the rebate at hand
    and disallow use of personal information for the purpose of marketing.

    I have seen a CBS NY news report on thuis very topic. Seems to be an epidemic.

    Horror stories also abount at Intuit. Check out the Quicken news forum and you
    will read them.

    David H. Lipman, Jul 12, 2003
  4. { Sorry for all those spelling errors...embarrassing !}
    David H. Lipman, Jul 12, 2003
  5. ROB

    tomcas Guest

    Concerning PNY memory- I bought some PNY DDR256 with a $30 rebate from
    CompUsa on 3/16/03 and received a check by 5/19/03 so I can't say the
    problem lies with PNY.
    However, Best Buy recently screwed me over the following rebates:
    1/5/03 Microsoft Optical Mouse $15
    1/5/03 Microsoft Keyboard $15
    1/5/03 Vtech 900mhz phone $15
    1/19/03 Creative Labs Webcam $15
    Their excuses ranged from:
    The offers cannot be combined.
    We never received your submittal and you waited too long to inquire so
    we won't accept a resubmittal of copies.
    We mailed your check and you cashed it.
    The bottom line is this- I send in a lot of rebates and always read and
    follow the fine print and with the exception of two problems with
    OfficeMax never paying, I have never been screwed like this before.
    Needless to say that Best Buy is currently in the dog house as far as
    I'm concerned. I filled a complaint with the US postal service
    concerning the one rebate that Best Buy claim they never received and
    the other claim that they mailed my check and it was cashed. Either
    someone is stealing my mail or Best Buy is wrong.
    My recommendation to Best Buy rebaters- Call them early and call them
    often. Don't give them an excuse to screw you over the way they did to me.
    tomcas, Jul 12, 2003
  6. ROB

    R. Pazderski Guest


    Never buy a product because of a rebate offer. Choose your products based on
    quality and functionality. If by chance the product has a rebate and it is
    honored, then well and good. However, if the rebate is not honored, then you
    still have a first rate good product and not a second rate product based on
    some "dodgy" marketing rebate scam.


    Rick P.

    Any body else in this boat?
    Bought PNY memory from Best buy with $25 rebate last month.
    Sent in all papers and upc code.
    Today get a postcard saying that I did not send in elgible barcode!
    I sent only one on package, how is that the incorrect one!
    I CANNOT Recommend PNY memory if that are gonna be such cheap liars!
    R. Pazderski, Jul 12, 2003
  7. ROB

    pete Guest

    I was burned on a Casio EM-500 $40 rebate. Took me 2 years to finally get a
    gift certificate from Frys. The rebate companies get bought and sold like
    used cars. I will never ever buy anything with a rebate attached to it
    again, period! Show me the money at the register or show me the door.

    pete, Jul 12, 2003
  8. Ah yes, the "mail-in rebate". Usually farmed out to a third-party company that
    does that processing, and who knows if they're trustworthy, or even who they are?

    Of course, if you ever have a warrantee claim, you'll likely need to send in the item
    along with the original barcode/receipt/proof-of-purchase. You know, the one you
    already sent someone else for the rebate. Sorry, sir. No receipt, no warrantee.
    MasterBlaster, Jul 12, 2003
  9. ROB

    LeeBos Guest

    I hope you made a copy, if so call them and question their denial. Let them
    know you have copies. They did the same to me and after calling I got my
    LeeBos, Jul 12, 2003
  10. ROB

    AJ Guest

    Contact your local BBB. They have an over 80% solve rate with rebate
    problems. BTW, Philips Electronics are the worste rebate scammers of
    all time. They were convicted of out right ripping off over 10,000
    customees in a rebate scam. So contact your states Attorney Generals
    office online. Filling out a complaint form only takes 5 minutes and
    PNY might get into big trouble.
    French Connection:
    AJ, Jul 12, 2003
  11. ROB

    ROB Guest

    I went to Best Buy and explained it all to them and they took care of it,
    though not their fault!
    All I can say is BEWARE of PNY and their rebates especially with the Miami
    Fl address.
    I cannot recommend PNY because they sent the same rejection to me and my
    son. The folks at Best Buy could not find any problem. (I had made copies of
    what I sent.) PNY is scamming us!
    ROB, Jul 15, 2003
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