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Point me in the right direction? New ATI owner, ex Nvidia owner

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Newf !!!, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. Newf !!!

    Newf !!! Guest

    Yup, I've converted. Ex Nvidia owner now has a 9800 pro 128 in my

    I did a driver clean up. installed that latest drivers from ati's
    site. Now, I'm wondering what tricks there are

    1. What are the best version drivers to use?
    2. What is the best overclocking program to use.

    Is there a faq for the ati overclocking? I'm not familiar with the ati
    stuff yet.
    Newf !!!, Jun 29, 2004
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  2. Newf !!!

    Ben Pope Guest

    Always the latest, unless you know that a specific problem has been
    introduced for a particular game in a late version. (ask or read here if you
    have problems)
    I like ATItool, finds errors better than trying to spot them youself.

    Ben Pope, Jun 29, 2004
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  3. Newf !!!

    Kill Bill Guest

    A lot of us like the Omega drivers. http://www.omegadrivers.net/ Comes with
    an Overclocking utility built in.
    Kill Bill, Jun 29, 2004
  4. Newf !!!

    Dark Avenger Guest

    And a great tool to set graphic settings FOR EACH APPLICATION on itself :)

    So in games like Vice City you can raise the anti aliasing high while in
    Farcry keep the original settings.

    Damn usefull at times...
    Dark Avenger, Jun 30, 2004
  5. Newf !!!

    who be dat? Guest

    ATi does a pretty good job at improving drivers while stomping out bugs.
    Personally, I'd grab the latest as they probably are the greatest. Other
    than that, I can't recommend a specific driver.
    I use a great little utility called RadLinker which I'm suprised I don't
    hear about more often from others. This allows you to overclock, set per
    game visual settings (have game A run at Higher AA level with no ansio while
    game B runs at lower AA level with Ansio on, for example), and several other
    goodies that practically all the good utilities have. The two primary
    things about this utility it's freaking easy to use and it uses no memory
    whatsoever. With most utilities, in order to setup per game settings you
    have to go to display properties and change things or use a utility in the
    tray icon. With radlinker, you adjust the settings for an individual game
    by going to it's shortcut in the start menu and right click on it. The
    first time you do this, you'll see two new menu items with an ATi symbol
    next to them, one of the says custom settings. Click this. Then, right
    click on the shortcut in the start menu for the game again. This time, go
    to properties. You'll see new tabs at the top now. You can set the visual
    settings for the individual game now. You can even set overclocking settings
    on a per game basis if you want although I set that in the video
    setup/display options myself. Do the above for each game. So freaking
    easy. Bottom line: you want to set up per game display settings, just right
    click on the game name in the start menu.

    Another thing I like about this utlitity is that it doesn't use any memory.
    Most utilities load a service or something that runs in the background
    everytime you boot up. Not this utilitiy. It saves memory!!

    Here is a link if you're interested.

    Chris Smith
    who be dat?, Jul 1, 2004
  6. Hi,

    I have only been using ATI (9800) since last August, and only recently have
    I began to overclock the card as it was so good at stock!. Anyway I can
    100% recommend ATITool + Cat 4.5's. ATITool will *intelligently*
    test/overclock your card for you, pumping the MHz up until it find errors
    then it will lower the MHz until it can run a preset amount of time

    I have used Cat 3.7 for ages, just worked well for me, but just this week I
    have switched up to Cat 4.5, everything still works well and the control
    panel is improved.

    You can find out more about ATITool here:

    and you can download the Cats here:

    I began life in ATI land using a Sapphire Atlantis 9800 (325/290) and after
    using ATITool, flashing to a Pro BIOS and adding an Arctic VGA-Silencer my
    9800 now runs faster than a 9800XT (440/390), that's +115MHz on the GPU and
    + 100MHz (200DDR) on the Sammy 3.3 memory.

    People used to kick sand in my face as I am a graphic-card-overclocking
    nOOb, but thanks to ATITool I can now flex my silicon muscles!
    Wayne Youngman, Jul 1, 2004
  7. Newf !!!

    Aki Peltola Guest

    Err, as an ATI-newbie I'm a bit confused... Is the latest
    control panel compatible with all the previous driver
    versions, or do I have to downgrade control panel to
    "match" the driver?
    Aki Peltola, Jul 1, 2004
  8. Newf !!!

    McGrandpa Guest

    Yes you do, as stated in the driver downloads area at ATI. :)
    McGrandpa, Jul 1, 2004
  9. Newf !!!

    Aki Peltola Guest

    Apparently I am blind.
    How "handy", with control panel that makes ATI driver pack
    about 20 megs in size, compared to Nvidia's drivers that
    are about half of that and include all stuff needed.

    Well, I have used the latest v4.6 control panel with v4.4
    drivers (because of messy graphics in Thief3 with v4.6 drivers)
    till now and haven't encountered any problems... luck?-)
    Aki Peltola, Jul 2, 2004
  10. Newf !!!

    McGrandpa Guest

    Hah! I don't know; I've just done as the ATI sites instructions say to
    and used the control panel they say to with each of the drivers. :)
    McGrandpa, Jul 2, 2004
  11. Newf !!!

    Newf !!! Guest

    thanks guys, all great tips for sure. Ati tool is cool in that I can
    just leave it, let it do it's thing and find the max. I'm too busy
    playing far cry now to let it run for as long as it takes though :)
    410/370 is where i am at so far.

    I've got the best scores with the omega drivers so far. I'm surprised
    how little fps I actually gain considering how much it overclocks
    though. I got to get me a new gpu cooler now.
    Newf !!!, Jul 2, 2004
  12. Newf !!!

    Aki Peltola Guest

    And you say it's working?
    I had to lower clocks about 15MHz from "max" ATITool
    kindly detected to get rid of artifacts in games...
    Aki Peltola, Jul 2, 2004
  13. Newf !!!

    Newf !!! Guest

    I let ati tool go for about an hour, it went to 412, and 378, and no
    artifacts yet. Igot tired of waiting so I just clocked it back to
    410/370 while playing Far cry. I'm using the omega's, and I'm setting
    up custom settings for each game. Far cry is one of the only ones I
    feel I should oc it a bit. It stutters like a bitch sometimes. Seems
    like once the level is loaded, all is good though. I only have 512
    ram, and I'm still waiting for my new cpu to arrive from ncix
    Newf !!!, Jul 3, 2004
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