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Portege 3500 Boot from USB

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by Michael Greth [MVP], Jul 6, 2003.

  1. I read somewhere that the Portege is not able to boot from an USB device is
    this correct?


    Michael Greth
    Microsoft SharePoint und FrontPage MVP

    Online Foren mit FAQs, Tipps, Tricks, Links
    Michael Greth [MVP], Jul 6, 2003
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  2. Michael Greth [MVP]

    terri Guest

    Hi, Michael,

    Found this, but it's not the exact thread I was looking for. It does,
    however pretty much reflect what I remembered.

    Hopefully someone else will chime in with better info.

    Posted by root -
    "I believe that some thread here confirms that Toshiba's USB floppy IS
    bootable, right?

    Toshiba's spec sheets say that a DVD/CD-RW(NW930U) is available as an
    accessory. The NW930U is on sale from the mfg Toshiba specifies(Targus) but
    NOT from Toshiba itself however. At Targus's site there's a notice that the
    DVD/CD-RW is now series 2 and comes with a Cardbus rather than a PC Card16
    interface. May I assume that the reason that Toshiba no longer sells it is
    because the Cardbus interface does not offer bootability where the previous
    PC Card16 did offer bootability?

    Somewhere in one of these threads someone said they got both a 16bit cable
    plus a 32bit cable. May I assume what they meant to say was they got a PC
    Card16+cable and a Cardbus+cable along with the DVD/CD-RW? If that is so
    then which outlet/mfg offers both interfaces with which DVD[/CD-RW] models?

    I also saw some threads that suggested some thought they achieved USB CD
    and/or DVD bootability. Is that so or are all such reports unconfirmed or
    suspect? If any USB CDs or DVDs do boot then which mfgs and models?

    May one assume that any CD or DVD with a PC Card16 interface is bootable?
    If not then is there a compatibility list anywhere or maybe folks could
    mention boots/doesn't here for various models?

    Are the interfaces/cables/connectors between a PC Card16 and/or CardBus and
    a portable CD or DVD all standard? Or is each PC Card/Carbus
    interface/cable/connector specific/proprietary to a specific drive mfg and
    model? If there's a standard interface(what's it called?) and if I can only
    get that Targus DVD/CD-RW with Cardbus then can I buy separately a PC Card16
    that'll offer bootability and what's it called exactly and available from

    Looking at various "portable"(small form factor) CD and DVD drives I see
    mention of internal batteries and AC adapters for these. Do the three
    Targus models NW24XCD, NWDVD04 & NW930U any/all need/include batteries
    and/or AC adapters? Are there any CD or DVD drive models that derive all
    power from the host?

    What's the best portable CD solution?

    What's the best portable DVD solution?

    What's the best portable DVD/CD-RW solution?

    Is there a portable/small form factor DVD+RW in either USB 2.0, PC Card16
    or Cardbus that gets all its power from the host and costs less than $500?

    For maintenance purposes what is the situation with DOS drivers(PM, Ghost
    etc.); do most all USB 2.0, PC Card16 and Cardbus CD & DVD drives have
    available DOS drivers or is this just another column in a feature list that
    one must fill on a per device basis?"

    Terri Stratton
    Now, chat - http://thetabletpc.net/support.htm
    Microsoft MVP
    Windows XP / Tablet PC
    terri, Jul 6, 2003
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  3. Michael Greth [MVP]

    D. Sislowski Guest

    I was able to get it to boot from a Netac Onlydrive ( bootable jump drive ).
    In fact when I went into the bios it recognized it as a removable bootable
    D. Sislowski, Jul 7, 2003
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