Possible Bad motherboard

Discussion in 'Epox' started by bwigit, Nov 26, 2006.

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    Nov 26, 2006
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    Ok, this is quite a long story but i'm trying to provide you with all the information i know so you can best help me out here.

    CPU AMD64 2800
    MB EP-8KDA3J

    i also have 1 SATA Harddrive which i've been using for the past 2 years or so and i recently added a Seagate 160GB IDE drive to the system. (I had originally been using this as an external drive but recently put it in my desktop)

    A few days ago my video card went bad causing wierd rendering issues bad colors and whatnot. So i've been using my laptop and Remote Desktop to access the information that was on my desktop pc (the one with the faulty video card). This was working fine for awhile until my desktop refused to boot up. It hangs up when its trying to load the IDE drives every time i boot now. I believe the problems with booting up began when i had an issue when the wireing in my house shorted out because of a bad wire in my Air Conditioner.

    So the first thing i did was take out the new harddrive that i had put in thinking that it was the new harddrive that was causing problems. Though i didnt quite understand why it would be causing problems now, since i have been able to boot my computer up with it installed a few times already.

    The next thing i've tried is to reset the CMOS and remove all of my IDE drives, floppy, hd's and cd/dvd drives. After trying this it still will not boot and still hangs up while trying to load the IDE drives with code 75h.

    I've tried taking everything out of my system even the SATA drive and all but 1 memory stick and just having it run with the bare essentials incase it was a problem with my powersupply or something like that. I've even replaced the CMOS battery incase it was a problem with that.

    Anyways i still cant get it to boot at all with everything i've tried. I do have a new video card installed in the system but i doubt thats it because it displays everything on the screen correctly and putting my old video card back still doesnt get the computer to boot up. I'm stumped and i could use any last suggestions on how to fix this or what could be wrong because the next step i would take is to purchase a new Motherboard and i dont want to go spend the money and do that if its not the motherboard.
    bwigit, Nov 26, 2006
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