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Discussion in 'FIC' started by univ, Dec 18, 2003.

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    As the governments around the world get tougher about the spamming, it is a good idea to search an alternative for promoting your business. We have a way to send your message to ten thousands newsgroup at one time. It only costs you for each message to send out. You can send your message and money payment to us by using PayPal. Please do the following:

    1. register a PayPal account.
    2. log on to your PayPal account
    3. click “Send Money” on the top
    4. fill in the following information
    Recipient Email:
    Amount: 2
    Currency: U.S. Dollars
    Type: Service
    Subject: the subject you want to post on the newsgroups
    Note: the message you want to post on the newsgroups

    For subject and note fields, both are indicted to be optional by PayPal web page. But you have to put subject and note on them, because this is the only way we can get the message and subject you want to post on newsgroups. Also if you want the newsgroup readers to reply to the email address other than the email address used for your PayPal account, you can put the reply email address you prefer on the top of message, so we can use that email address when we post your message.

    5. Click Continue to finish the transaction.

    Once we finish the posting of your message, we will send a message to your email address used for your PayPal account for confirmation. Beside your advertisement, we also like to post other kind of your messages. Due to the time taken by message to travel around news servers and the restrictions imposed by some newsgroups’ owners, you may not see your message immediately. Also we do not send the messages to the binary groups, any group talks about human sexualities, or groups targeted specified countries or regions other than United States. Even subtracting above groups, your message is still to be sent to 10000 groups. If you have more questions, let us know.
    univ, Dec 18, 2003
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