power supply for S2462 (Thunder K7) ?

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Thomas Mayer, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Thomas Mayer

    Thomas Mayer Guest


    since some days my power supply for my S2462 get's extremly noisy... so I
    search now a new psu for it. The problem is: the recommanded psu's by Tyan
    are no longer available.

    I have seen several EPS-psu's, but I am not sure wether they will work,
    usually they have a 8pin ATX12V connector, but that seems not to be the same
    then a 8pin EPS12V connector. Anyone an idea ?

    Greets, Thomas
    Thomas Mayer, Mar 6, 2006
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  2. Thomas Mayer

    Jim Guest

    EPS12v means you need a 24pin + 8pin connector. Anything that is EPS12v
    (and not ATX 12v 20pin) with both connectors and that will fit in your
    case should be ok.
    Jim, Mar 6, 2006
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  3. Thomas Mayer

    tosser Guest

    You can do one of several things:

    The easiest is to replace the fan in the PSU. This is reasonably
    straightforward if you have experience of using a screwdriver and
    electrical components. I did this with one of my 2462 PSUs.

    What I have also done, for another of my 2462s, is get an EPS PSU plus
    an EPS -> ATX-GES converter. You can find these from online suppliers,
    and I am sure I have seen a German website that sold them. Use google!


    tosser, Mar 6, 2006
  4. Thomas Mayer

    tosser Guest


    No disrespect, but this is wrong. The motherboard connections are wired
    differently in EPS and ATX-GES PSUs. Thomas' motherboard requires an
    ATX-GES connection, which is virtually unique to this motherboard.
    If Thomas followed your advice he'd be heading for an early upgrade!

    tosser, Mar 6, 2006
  5. Thomas Mayer

    Paul Guest

    There is some info here:


    Paul, Mar 6, 2006
  6. Thomas Mayer

    Thomas Mayer Guest

    thanks for the info, that's exactly what I need. I might go the converter
    way because I was never very satisfied with the psu because even when new it
    wasn't really silent. So why not buy a good EPS12V
    psu and use that adapter. I have already found a cheap dealer for such an
    adapter... just 4,99 Euro + shipping...

    Greets and Thanks,

    Thomas Mayer, Mar 7, 2006
  7. Thomas Mayer


    Oct 29, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I have nearly the same trouble, I have a tyan S2462 and i think the PSU is gone, I have seen some ATX to Atx-GES adapters on ebay, it takes the 8 pin and 24 pin , and they end up a 4 pin and a 20, has anyone ever used this option? i hate to pay 75 bucks for a used PSU, that may not be my trouble,, thanks for any help, heres a link to the adapter http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dl...MEWA:IT&viewitem=&item=280040980259&rd=1&rd=1 and the PSU i have now is a NMB 460 watt unit
    Boss302, Oct 29, 2006
  8. Thomas Mayer

    Paul Murphy Guest

    If you were considering a Tagan PSU (if they make one with that connection),
    I've found 2 Tagan PSUs (one of which was brand new) to have problems with
    not powering up my Tyan Tiger S2460 (also a dual Athlon board with the same
    chipset) when warm. Make sure you get assurances it'll work fully in all
    regards, including warm reboots, from the suppler, that way if there is a
    problem you can get a refund/change brand or model.

    Paul Murphy, Feb 11, 2007
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