Power supply question regarding 2x2 pin 12 V processor core voltage plug

Discussion in 'Intel' started by mgomez, Mar 18, 2010.

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    Mar 18, 2010
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    Hi. I'm kind of new here and popped in to ask this question if anyone would know the answer. Am I able to plug in a 12V 2x2 pin power supply plug to the 2x4 pin connector on my motherboard? Will I cause any harm in doing that? I was just wondering because my motherboard (an Intel Extreme Series Desktop Board, i don't recall which exact model) included a 2x2 to 2x4 pin adapter and I don't have it anymore. I just want to know if I can simply slap in that 2x2 pin plug from my PSU to the 2x4 pin connector. I would also like to know the answer from someone who's done this before on this motherboard. Thanks!!

    !!EDIT!! -- I forgot to mention that I am using a Intel Core2Quad CPU. Not sure either exactly what model, but it should draw less than 100 W.
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    mgomez, Mar 18, 2010
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