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Discussion in 'Dell' started by The CO, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. The CO

    The CO Guest

    Oldy but (was) a goody. 99 built Poweredge 2300/400 with dual P2-400's.

    Symptom: System Time of Day clock is *way* overspeed, ie 24 hours in a
    few minutes. Setting works, but it instantly continues at a breakneck
    speed. Changed the battery on general principles but no joy.
    Assuming a mainboard hardware fault. It's complaining the firmware for
    (either - unclear which it means) the Embedded System Management
    (V5.21) or the System Backplane (4.1) (or both?) is out of date, but it
    was booting to Netware, however the NDS database couldn't load due to
    'inconsistencies' that DSRepair couldn't seem to fix, considering how
    touchy NDS/eDirectory is about time stamps, a berserk TOD could easily
    cause that.

    Any ideas other than binning it? Yeah I know it's old but it has a nice
    6 x 9gb RAID5 setup and 512mb ram, so would make a useful server even
    now. It ran Netware 6 for some years without a hitch.

    I thought of putting a s/h mainboard in it but don't have any Dell ones
    and the generic boards won't fit due to Dell's bass-ackwards mainboard
    arrangement Grrrrrr.

    Any help appreciated.

    The CO
    The CO, Nov 7, 2007
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  2. did you try updating the bios and the firmware to the latest versions?
    recently another disucssion was posted about a 2300 that would not correctly
    manage the fan speed... his solution was to buy a new system (under $50us
    from ebay) and swapped the system boards.
    other than that, i would suggest that you simple have the thing regularly
    check the current time with a time server...
    Christopher Muto, Nov 7, 2007
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  3. The CO

    The CO Guest

    I'm going to try that on general principles, but at a guess, I'd say the
    clock oscillator frequency divider that feeds the TOD clock has taken a
    dive. (Hardware)
    Not many like this on ebay around here, and most of them are on the East
    Coast so the shipping would exceed the cost.
    For that to be somewhat effective, it would have to timesync roughly
    every 30 seconds, the TOD clock is RACING. We have our own Tier 2 NTP
    servers but I doubt if they could keep it anywhere near right enough to
    be usable.

    Thanks anyway.

    The CO
    The CO, Nov 7, 2007
  4. ask the ebay sellers if you win their auction if they are willing to pull
    the motherboard and just ship that part to you as a reasonable price.
    Christopher Muto, Nov 12, 2007
  5. The CO

    Bruce Varney Guest

    Having recent problems with my PE 2300 which was on this newsgroup, yes I
    did get another complete PE2300 from a second hand computer dealer for £10.
    The case was damaged but everything else was ok. Are you running this
    machine with the front cover off? If so try jamming the intrusion detector
    switch, its below the thin PC board at the front left, use a small
    screwdriver or something like that. This could make the clock then run at
    normal speed.

    When I first swapped the motherboards, like you on booting up it reported
    that the firmware is out of date, it is the backplane firmware that is out
    of date (4..1), you need to download from the Dell web site a zip file
    a40cust. Unzip it to an empty folder on your hard drive and if you are
    running windows double click on smflshnt and this will update the backplane
    firmware to version 5.35. If you are not running windows I suggest that
    you look on the Dell forums

    I don't recommend updating the bios to version A15 as there has been
    discussions in the forums that this sometimes causes the fans to run at full
    speed and refuse to run in quiet mode.

    My PE2300 has 3x18Gb, 1x73Gb and 1x9Gb hard drives, not set up as a raid,
    1Gb memory, 2x500Mhz processors and running XP Pro. I use it for a back up
    machine from my other two PC's

    Bruce Varney, Nov 12, 2007
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