Poweredge 2600 question -Anyone still in here? last post on UNS is 3 yrs old

Discussion in 'Dell' started by user, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. user

    user Guest

    Got a 2600 that needs new OS installed. CD drive light blinks during
    POST, won't boot from CD. Is it a Bad drive or something I screwed in
    user, Feb 16, 2014
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  2. user

    Steve Urbach Guest

    Did you check the BIOS boot order? CD before HD.

    Is the CD enabled under disc drives
    Does the BIOS identify the CD drive correctly (they do go bad).

    DELL BIOS has these 2 places. They both need to be set.
    Steve Urbach, Feb 16, 2014
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