Poweredge disk capacity plan, workable?

Discussion in 'Dell' started by david, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. david

    david Guest

    I have the following plan to increase disk space on a Dell Poweredge
    600SC server. WILL THIS WORK?

    I will:

    1) get rid of the disk on Ch2
    2) place 2 new 160G disks on Channels 2 and 3
    3) use the configuration utility to group the new disks into an array
    4) use the configuration utility to make a new logical drive
    consisting of the new array
    5) boot, as now, from the existing disks
    6) use Windows' "Disk Management" to see my new logical drive as a new
    7) partition, format, and use it as a new drive letter



    The server contains 3 identical IDE disks driven by a RAID card
    ("CERC"). That
    card's bios utility reveals:

    Physical Drives
    Ch0 0:A0:Online:38138MB
    Ch1 0:A0:Online:38138MB
    Ch2 0:Master:38138MB

    Logical view:
    Logical Drives

    Physical view:
    Logical Drives
    CH0 ID0:Online:38138MB
    CH1 ID0:Online:38138MB

    The machine can hold 4 disks, and the RAID card has channels for 4
    disks. Windows 2000 server sees the whole RAID arrangement as a single
    disk with 3 partitions on it, 2 of which it's using as C: and D:
    david, Mar 30, 2006
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  2. david

    Jay B Guest

    yes this should work.
    i'm not sure that i would do that.
    unless you are doing raid 5 or better, it doesnt pay to implement other
    types of raid. for fear that if a disk goes, you are screwed out of all
    your data.
    i would add the 2 160's as separate drives. you can use 1 of them to
    backup the other if you want, but dont combine them into 1 320gb logical
    array. the perceived gain in speed from striping is not worth the
    headache. that's my opinion.
    Jay B, Mar 31, 2006
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  3. david

    david Guest

    Thank you jayB. I do want mirroring/RAID1, and thought my plan (in
    step 4) would produce it between the 2 new 160GB drives. And that the
    2 existing drives on channels 0 and 1 are mirroring each other
    currently (based on the "LD0:RAID1:38138MB:Optimal" output from the
    configuration utility). Maybe I'm wrong about that? I inherited the
    system and haven't used RAID before. I'll run the config utility
    carefully when I do this and find where I can be sure to tell it to
    make the new drives mirrors.

    Any tips appreciated, otherwise I'm just going to give it a shot.
    Thank you.
    david, Mar 31, 2006
  4. david

    Jay B Guest

    as long as you do mirroring, that is fine.
    i assumed you were going to do striping. you didnt specify.
    Jay B, Mar 31, 2006
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