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PowerVR Eurasia - PowerVR Series 5

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Guest, May 29, 2005.

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    Guest Guest

    New Licence Agreement with Intel Corporation


    17 May 2005

    Imagination Technologies Group plc, ("Imagination Technologies"), a
    leader in system-on-chip intellectual property (SoC IP), announces that
    Intel Corporation ("Intel") has licensed both a member of its new
    generation, fully programmable PowerVR graphics and video processing IP
    family, codenamed Eurasia, and a next generation multi-standard video codec
    (video encode and decoder) IP core.

    Intel has previously licensed PowerVR MBX family graphics and
    associated video and display cores.

    Under the terms of its licensing arrangements, Imagination
    Technologies receives licence fees and royalty revenues on SoCs
    incorporating Imagination Technologies' IP shipped by partners.

    This new licence agreement has been concluded during the current
    financial year.

    About PowerVR's Eurasia Technologies

    Imagination Technologies' PowerVR division has a new highly scalable
    and programmable graphics and video IP family, codenamed Eurasia, under
    development. This family is based on Imagination Technologies' new advanced
    shading technology, offering state-of-the-art features for multimedia
    devices, and sets the technology benchmark significantly ahead of current
    offerings. The scalability of the Eurasia family supports a broad range of
    applications including those in mobile, consumer and computing segments.
    These cores will co-exist alongside the PowerVR MBX family, members of which
    are currently being integrated in a variety of devices including mobile
    handhelds, car navigation and entertainment systems. Further details about
    the PowerVR Eurasia family will be announced as appropriate.



    " Intel Licenses Programmable Graphics, Video Processor
    Online staff, 05.27.05, 12:26 PM ET

    Electronic News

    System-on-chip intellectual property provider Imagination Technologies Group
    plc today reported that Intel Corp. has licensed a programmable PowerVR
    graphics and video processor, codenamed "Eurasia," along with a
    multi-standard video encode and decode (codec) IP core.

    Previously, Intel licensed PowerVR MBX family graphics and associated video
    and display cores from the Hertfordshire, England-based company.

    Under the terms of the licensing agreement, Imagination will receive
    undisclosed license fees and royalty revenues on SOCs that incorporate its
    technology shipped by partners, with the revenue to be recognized in the
    company?s current fiscal year.

    The Eurasia processor is still under development and is based on its
    advanced shading technology for state-of-the-art features on multimedia
    devices, the company explained.

    Due to its scalability, Imagination is aiming the Eurasia IP family at a
    range of applications including those in mobile, consumer and computing

    Further details about the PowerVR Eurasia family are to be announced as
    appropriate, the company concluded. Please visit http://electronicnews.com
    for more information. "

    " Intel licenses next-gen PowerVR graphics core
    By Tony Smith
    Published Tuesday 17th May 2005 08:49 GMT
    Intel has licensed Imagination Technologies' next-generation PowerVR chip,
    codenamed 'Eurasia', along with upcoming a multi-format video codec core,
    the pair proclaimed this morning.

    Intel is an existing Imagination licensee, having acquired the rights to use
    the latter's PowerVR MBX mobile graphics core back in 2003. It finally used
    the technology - in its PXA2700G graphics co-processor, codenamed
    'Marathon' - in April 2004.

    Eurasia is the latest incarnation of PowerVR, and has been designed to
    enable a range of chips, each targeting a different segment of the mobile
    graphics market, from handhelds and phones to set-top boxes. Imagination
    didn't reveal too much about the technology, but it is believed to provide a
    greater degree of programmability than past PowerVRs, along with more
    "advanced" shader technology.

    Imagination did say Eurasia-based chips will not supersede PowerVR MBX
    products, but the two will "co-exist".

    In addition to Intel, Imagination has licensed PowerVR MBX to Sony Ericsson,
    Texas Instruments, Freescale, ARM - which also has the right to sub-license
    the graphics technology - Philips, Samsung and others. Imagination gets an
    up-front licensing payment from such deals, along with a per-device royalty.




    " Eurasia is indeed Series 5 as it uses a programmable shading engine.
    Eurasia takes the knowledge and expertise from our first implementation of
    Series 5, which is up and running, and combines that with our knowledge and
    expertise from embedded markets taking the technology well beyond our first
    implementation. Eurasia is far more scalable and will support a broad range
    of applications including those in mobile, consumer and computing segments.
    Eurasia technology should be with our partner during H1 2006 or thereabouts.
    The Eurasia family is far ahead of the competition and we are talking to
    significant players regarding the new generation, fully programmable PowerVR
    graphics and video processing IP family.

    To be absolutely clear Eurasia is not next generation MBX. The Eurasia cores
    will co-exist alongside the PowerVR MBX family. "
    Guest, May 29, 2005
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