Precision 670 kind of problem ...

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Giovanni Azua, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    I have a Precision 670 with the following spec:

    Dual Xeon 3.2GHz/800Mhz/1MB
    2GB RAM DDR2 400 ECC Dual Channel
    Intel E7525 chipset EM64T
    80GB SATA HDD 7200rpm
    36GB SCSI HDD 10K rpm
    16X DVD +/- RW + Soft
    16X DVD ROM
    Win XP Pro SP2


    There is only one PCI-32bit slot available and
    it happen to be right close beside the PCI-Express
    graphic card slot (I would say it is a design
    flaw of the main board for this model).

    I occupied the PCI-32bit slot with a Wireless
    PCI-32bit Zyxel but then have noticed while playing
    (hl2) that often after a while the game starts screwing
    up the output (textures shown in black and purple blinks
    all over the game), seems to me that the graphics card
    is getting too hot because of lack of airflow (the
    PCI-32bit right on top of it). Would be nice but did not
    find around any temp reporting tool for my Dell system, is
    there any?

    I also tried upgrading the graphic card to XFX GeForce
    6600GT and happen exactly the same effect as with the ATI ...
    with the GeForce 6600GT I was able to monitor temp and
    I was getting ranges of:

    - idle: 56C
    - peak load: 110C!! this would just burn it in a while ...


    Is there any adapter that I can buy for moving my PCI-32bit
    Wireless card into the PCI-X slots? so I can make sure
    that the PCI-E graphic card is free and it gets proper


    Is there any cooling solution for integrating with Dell
    motherboards specifically Precision 670 so I can play
    safely or even upgrade and overclock the graphics card
    without taking away the PCI-32bit card away from the

    Best Regards,
    Giovanni Azua, Apr 4, 2005
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  2. Giovanni Azua

    Tom Scales Guest

    Why not just get a USB2 Wireless card and leave the slot empty?
    Tom Scales, Apr 4, 2005
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  3. Hi Tom,

    True, but then the Zyxel USB2 Wireless does not
    get to 125MB (g+) but only 54MB (g) ... is nice to have
    the 125MB (g+) speed between my laptop and workstation ...

    The g+ is a proprietary protocol from Zyxel so I would
    not be able to get the same speed from any other brand.
    It would also be a pity because I have all Wireless
    components at home Zyxel g+ compliant e.g. router, pcmci
    card for laptop and PCI-32bit card.

    Thanks for your help,
    Best Regards,
    Giovanni Azua, Apr 4, 2005
  4. Just out of curiousity, what are you using that requires so much
    bandwith (on a side note, it's measured in megabits per second, not
    megabytes). Heck, 802.11B (11Mbps -- which is actually closer to 5.5 in
    reality) is enough to stream mpeg4 videos if you use the right protocols
    (no lag using NFS, samba gives me trouble though). Also have you ever
    actually tested what peak bandwith you're actually receiving (I'm just
    kind of curious)?
    Nicholas Andrade, Apr 4, 2005
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