Precision T7600 Questions

Discussion in 'Dell' started by W, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. W

    W Guest

    1) The T7600 has two PCIe 3.0 slots at the top. The video presentation
    from Dell hints that these are only usable if you have two CPUs installed?
    Can someone provide details about that?

    I want to use PCIe 3.0 with the AMD 7970 graphics card.

    2) In order to get proper support for VMWare virtual machines, do I need to
    order any specific versions of the Intel Xeon E5 processor?

    3) Is it possible to use the T7600 with the E5 low power models?
    W, Nov 11, 2012
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  2. W

    SW Guest

    I had a quick look on
    and found that the cheapest processor there does support virtualization
    technology, but you should check the exact model you are going to buy.
    Sorry can't help you with the other two Qs.

    SW, Nov 11, 2012
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