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Discussion in 'Compaq' started by jairocon, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. jairocon

    jairocon Guest

    Hello everyone

    This is my problem

    1. DC power jack broken (this one is pretty explanatory)

    2. LCD screen is dar
    Even at the maximum brightness and contrast the LCD screen is darke
    compared to other laptops (like my R3000). If you compare the whit
    color of the screen and any white paper – you can see how gray th
    screen really is. I was told by the Hewlett-Packard technician afte
    extensive display driver troubleshooting that this is a hardwar
    issue and that an LCD replacement will probably need to be performed
    This is a 15 inch SXGA+ (not XGA) screen

    3. Strange screeching sounds when laptop is on battery power
    When I unplug the laptop from the power outlet and just let it run o
    a battery – there is a strange screeching sound coming from th
    hard-drive whenever programs access the hard-drive. This is ver
    annoying and it also seems to diminish the battery power quit
    quickly. It comes from the direction of the area where the networ
    adapter, USB ports and power jack are located (so maybe not reall
    from the hard drive) - but it oscillates when hard drive is bein
    accessed - meaning if I am not doing anything - no annoying sound i
    present, but if I'm loading a page or some file - I can hear thes
    sounds. They disappear as soon as the laptop is back on DC power. An
    this problem was there even before the power jack problem in #

    4. DVD drive is acting strange. Sometimes refuses to read CD
    (unscratched originals). Sometimes makes strange noises.


    So here is the problem I have. I bought the laptop in Sept. 2003
    Since I have the credit card warranty extension - I called it in i
    August 2005 and they said take the laptop to a repair place and the
    file a claim (I have until February). If the estimate is more tha
    what I paid for the laptop (around $800) then they will probably jus
    say that they will give me my money back. If it will be lower, the
    they will pay for the fixing

    I took the laptop to best buy. Waited for 35!!! days for the estimate
    because they shipped it somewhere to Chicago. And at the end, the gu
    said that all he can see is the faulty power jack - even though th
    local guy in best buy agreed and saw all these 4 problems as I showe
    them to him. Eventually I paid $50 for the estimate, didn't ge
    anything fixed and they didn't even type up the estimate!!

    I took the laptop to circuit city, they had it for 3 weeks! They wrot
    a clumsy looking estimate saying a replacement of LCD, hard drive an
    power jack repair is needed, priced it at $1100. But they didn't eve
    put the serial number or laptop model on that piece of paper and whe
    I faxed it to Citibank, they said I need to have that. I came back t
    Circuit City and they said they would have to send the laptop back t
    them (they outsourced it again) so I was looking for another 3 week
    of lost time

    I am still using this laptop - and finals were just around the corner
    I had to use it

    So... my question is - where in Minneapolis area can I just take thi
    laptop to get an estimate done that my credit card company will b
    happy with? Or where can I ship it so that the turnaround time wil
    be much less than best buy / circuit city? I am actually looking t
    have at least the power jack repaired for my own sake (regardless o
    whether citibank decides to approve or not). But the laptop ha
    problems, so if it can be fixed for less than $800 - then great, bu
    if not, I do need that price estimate so that they can just give m
    my money back

    Please any advice on how to deal with this would be greatl
    appreciated!!! I thought of sending the laptop to o, but then I am worried that they wouldn't give me th
    estimate I'm looking for, because maybe they would be afraid, that
    don't get the laptop repaired with them? I don't know what to do,
    just know that I finally want to get this resolved
    jairocon, Dec 22, 2005
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  2. jairocon

    Mark Guest

    I'd press Circuit City to connect the dots for you and give you useable
    estimate paperwork. For one thing, I can't believe that the serial
    number was not recorded by their contractor as protection against
    someone alledgedly (or actually!) getting the wrong laptop back. If so,
    they should be able to fax Circuit City a more complete estimate; after
    all, they should want to keep THEM happy. If not, it should still be
    resolvable. Combined with your existing estimate, laptop, and firm,
    on-site logic (harder to ignore than a phone call), you should be able
    to have them fix you up with complete paperwork at the customer service
    counter. Make it clear that you are not asking them for fiction-- just
    completeness! Even if this is a bit of a hassle, it should(?) take less
    time than starting over with other alternatives.

    Of course, my suggestion is not definitive; if someone has
    Minneapolis-specific (or not) info that might help, jump in! Good
    luck... and let the group know how it went.
    Mark, Dec 31, 2005
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