Presario R3000: Unsupported Network Device Found

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Tom Betters, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. Tom Betters

    Tom Betters Guest

    My daugther has a Compaq Presario R3000 notebook. It came with an
    integrated Broadcom based mini-pci wireless-G card. Because I use an
    Atheros based router (DLink Di-624) I would prefer an Atheros card. The
    speed is much higher when Atheros to Atheros rather than Broadcom to
    Atheros. I have made such a change easily before with a Dell and Toshiba

    Compaq prevents you from doing such a change. After installing the new
    mini-pci card, at system POST, I get the message: Unsupported Network
    Device Found. Please remove and restart system. This is at POST - system
    hasn;t even booted yet. Clearly its a check upfront in the BIOS and in all
    liklihood if I could bypass the check, it would work fine.

    I understand Compaq wouldn't want to take any support calls from me on
    this - fair enough, I dont use their support anyway. Anyone know of a way
    to bypass this check ?

    (In the mean time, I went back to the original Broadcom wireless-G. )
    Tom Betters, Apr 24, 2004
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  2. I've seen this before with some devices, you have to install the drivers
    first and then insert the device. Check the set-up for the card and see if
    they or any notes at the company web site offer some further suggestions.

    Kevin Childers, Apr 24, 2004
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  3. Tom Betters

    Tom Betters Guest

    I did install the driver first, but I'm pretty confident this is not the
    issue here. The driver installs to the operating system and is loaded at
    boot time. In this case, the error comes from BIOS as soon as systems POST
    (Power On Self Test), even before memory check. The operating system
    hasn't even begun to load. I strongly suspect it would work fine if I
    could just get it to bypass the check. I have gone into the CMOS setup to
    see if there were some option to bypass checks, but do not see one.
    Tom Betters, Apr 24, 2004
  4. Sounds like you've got the basic set-up right, but then there may be other
    issues. Check the manufacturer's web site and see if perhaps there is an
    upgraded install or driver set.

    Kevin Childers, Apr 24, 2004
  5. Tom Betters

    Tom Betters Guest

    I am nearly sure this is a BIOS / CMOS issue rather than a driver issue. The
    OS hasn't booted yet, so no drivers are loaded - I don't believe it can be
    related to driver. That said, I do have the most current driver.

    It appears to me, that the Presario BIOS itself actually makes some check to
    see if network adapter was changed or not of a given type.
    Tom Betters, Apr 25, 2004
  6. Tom Betters

    Tweek Guest

    : Sounds like you've got the basic set-up right, but then there may be other
    : issues. Check the manufacturer's web site and see if perhaps there is an
    : upgraded install or driver set.
    : KC

    Way to give completely useless advice and not really listen KC.
    Tweek, Apr 25, 2004
  7. Tom Betters

    Tweek Guest

    Why not get a new router? That would preserve your Compaq warranty... I have
    the R3000 with a Netgear wireless g router and it's blazing fast.
    Tweek, Apr 25, 2004
  8. Tom Betters

    Tom Betters Guest

    I have 4 other wireless devices all running atheros based cards. I have
    done quite a bit of testing and cannot find a faster wireless solution than
    using an atheros based router (such as the dlink di-624) with clients also
    using atheros. In my testing, it is faster and with better range than
    Broadcom based routers/clients, and MUCH faster than mixed network chipsets.
    The measured speed difference is very significant. I would not want to
    give it up for the one compaq machine. (I never have liked Compaq. I
    bought this one machine because I needed one laptop with a large widescreen,
    and the price was good. Yet another reason to avoid them in future, unless
    HP really changes things. Note that it was easy and stable to make this
    same mini-pci card in Toshiba, Dell, and a no name "ABS" notebook. Just
    compaq prevents it.) I've pretty much reconciled myself that this one
    machine cannot be upgraded.
    Tom Betters, Apr 28, 2004
  9. Could you go into BIOS and deactivate the built-in wireless card?
    Maybe the system will not support two wireless cards.
    Earl F. Parrish, Apr 29, 2004
  10. Tom Betters

    Tom Betters Guest

    Hi Earl -
    I am trying to replace the "built in" card. (Its easy - like replacing
    a memory chip basically). So disabling the support for built in wireless
    would defeat the purpose. What I need to do is find a why for BIOS check
    to be disabled, or at least not stop on error. There does not seem to be
    any such option exposed in the BIOS. I bet there is some undocumented
    backdoor to do this, but doesn't do me any good ... Oh well, looks like I
    cannot upgrade this one.
    Thanks for the response.
    Tom Betters, Apr 30, 2004
  11. Tom Betters

    kasala Guest

    Tom have you found an answer to this? If so I would be interested in
    hearing it as I just ran into the same problem.

    kasala, Feb 16, 2005
  12. Tom Betters

    Quaoar Guest

    Please, when responding to posts, do not delete the relevant information
    from the original post, particularly with an older original.

    Quaoar, Feb 16, 2005
  13. Tom Betters

    Tom Scales Guest

    I have to agree. I might be the Tom, but don't recall the message
    Tom Scales, Feb 16, 2005
  14. Tom Betters

    sang Guest

    Does anyone know where the mini pci is located in r3000? I've unscrewed
    every screw on the bottom and I can't find where it is.

    Also, I noticed the cursor jumps around the window when I type on the
    keyboard. Is this keyboard defect? I've reinstalled the OS third time.
    The cursor jumping is really annoying.
    sang, Apr 4, 2005
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