Presario SR1150NX -- Need to wipe and fresh install -- HOW??

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by OSIRIS, Jul 21, 2010.


    OSIRIS Guest

    Hi all

    I have a Compaq Presario SR1150NX belonging to a friend. I just set
    up a new PC for him, so he's OK, but I suggested that I try to fix up
    his old one so he could use it as a spare at his office.

    It has Windows XP, but so many people have tried to "help" over the
    time he's owned it that it's loaded down with, not only the bloatware
    that HP/Compaq puts on, but also a couple of dozen freeware/shareware
    things and some programs of suspicious lineage <wink nudge>. Anyway
    it would be faster to do a fresh install rather than try to clean up
    up all this crap.

    Question: Do these machines come with a restore partition, the way
    laptops come these days; or do I require some sort of a rescue disk?

    If it's a restore partition, how do I "trigger" it?

    If it's a disk, what would it be called, so my friend could search his
    office for it?

    OSIRIS, Jul 21, 2010
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    Use the free Dban to wipe the system!! Please remember it will wipe any
    hard drive attached to the system - Flash memory sticks, including USB
    and sometimes networked hard drives...

    If you have a generic Winxp disk install with that one in violation of
    Microsoft rules, using the COA serial number attached to the case...

    I have one of these computers that the motherboard failed, it was to
    expensive on ebay, or there were no replacements. I replaced it with a
    $33 GeForce 6100 Motherboard, AMD 140 single core processor combo that
    was on sale in my local computer store.

    I installed 2 Gigs of ebay Used DDR2 6400 memory and put a $25 re-
    certified 500 gig Sata hard drive in the system.

    $ 33 - CPU & Motherboard combo
    $ 25 - WD 500GB hard drive
    $ 30 - Kingston DDR2 PC6400 memory (2x1GB)
    $ 19 - Raidmax Power Supply

    $107 and I installed a 64-bit version of Mepis 8.0.15 Linux operating
    system and the system is purring happily in an older neighbor home down
    the road. Not having windows in this system insures she will not have
    malware or infections or clean the system and do all the maintenance to
    use her e-mail, banking, youtube, flickr and other web surfing she may
    want to check out, or accidentally opens in a spam e-mail ...

    She recently got a 32 inch 1080P TV she uses for her monitor

    I did add SMplayer/XBMC Player for DVD movies she watches in bed, and the
    free Gimp she is learning to use. She is experimenting with the photo
    editing she and a neighbor lady are taking with a inexpensive Digital

    She has a HP 4280 printer her son gave her that installed hooking it to
    the computer, no drivers were needed. Best of all she has learned to
    scan using gimp, crop and adjust color and make greeting cards with the
    latest free Open office software.

    A Linux operating system installation needs little support. I find it
    easier for the older computer users, they do not need to remember or
    spend the time to do all the scanning, and viral package updates required
    for a older Microsoft operating system...

    If the hard ware works, install Linux. Try one or a dozen different
    Distros until you find one you like and install that one, play and
    experiment using liveCDs...

    I use a Xfce window manager on my 64-bit version of Mepis 8.0.15, and a
    very quick AntiX distro with all the KDE tools installed. But any of the
    top 100 listed on should be easy to experiment
    with on this hardware, (lower left side of the web page)...

    My 2 cents

    JR the postman
    Postman Delivers, Jul 25, 2010
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  3. * * *

    Sorry about the HP link my newsreader "Pan" does not do well with long

    Also it is the lower right side not left side for the top popular Linux
    operating systems.

    Some of these popular Linux operating systems will be harder than others,
    but chose a dozen and burn them to CD, and boot from the cd...

    I like Slitaz for systems with less than 128MB of memory... Puppy would
    be a second choice...

    These mini Linux many times will boot to the internet faster using a
    Livecd rather than loading Microsoft windows from the hard drive...

    JR the postman
    Postman Delivers, Jul 25, 2010

    - Bobb - Guest

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