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Press Release - Ada-Europe Kicks Off First Programming Contest

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Dirk Craeynest, Sep 27, 2010.


    Ada-Europe Kicks Off its First Annual Student Programming Contest
    "The Ada Way"

    Brussels, Belgium (September 28, 2010) - Ada-Europe[1], the
    international organization that promotes the knowledge and use of the
    Ada programming language in European academia, research and industry,
    is pleased to announce "The Ada Way"[2]. This annual student
    programming contest aims to attract students and educators to Ada in
    a form that is both fun and instructive. Entries are now open for
    the 2010-11 competition and judging takes place in May next year.

    In line with the start of the football season, this year's challenge
    is to build a software simulator of a football match. The software
    system, programmed in Ada, will need to support a number of gaming and
    football features including speed, tactical skills and player fatigue.
    The submitted code will include a software core, implementing the
    logic of the simulation, as well as read-write graphical panels for
    participating football team managers.

    Candidate submissions will be judged on a number of evaluation
    - Coverage of requirements.
    - Syntactic, semantic, programmatic and design correctness.
    - Clarity and readability of the code.
    - Quality of design.
    - Ingenuity and cuteness of the solution.
    - Time and space efficiency of the solution.

    The winning submission will win a framed award, one free registration
    and up to 3 reduced student fees for representatives of the winning
    team to attend to the Ada-Europe 2011 Conference[3], accommodation
    and airfare for the team representatives, an exhibition slot in the
    conference program, and visibility in electronic and printed media.
    This year's competition is sponsored by Ada-Europe, AdaCore, and

    To enter, and for the full specification and details of software
    requirements, please go to the official web site of "The Ada Way",

    About Ada-Europe

    Ada-Europe is the international non-profit organization that promotes
    the knowledge and use of the Ada programming language in academia,
    research and industry in Europe. Ada-Europe has member organizations
    all over the continent, in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain,
    Sweden, Switzerland, as well as individual members in many other

    A PDF version of this press release is available at www.ada-europe.org.

    Press contact
    Dirk Craeynest, Ada-Europe Vice-President,

    [1] www.ada-europe.org
    [2] www.ada-europe.org/AdaWay
    [3] www.ada-europe.org/conference2011
    Dirk Craeynest, Sep 27, 2010
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  2. Dirk Craeynest

    -jg Guest

    On Sep 28, 9:35 am, Dirk Craeynest >
    That link did not seem to work, but there is

    There I cannot see info on suggested Compilers, or which
    compilers this will be tested on ?

    A contest is a good idea, and a good example of a well configured
    contest is the
    International Olympiad in Informatics

    They have a link for the tools download, some example programs, and
    there are some good post-result discussions here :

    -jg, Sep 28, 2010
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