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probably BS Nintendo rumors

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Combaticon, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. Combaticon

    Combaticon Guest

    this info is almost certainly fake. at least partially fake. but,
    being a Nintendo-fan, I can't help but think there is a grain of truth
    in part of it.

    without further delay....


    Game Boy Evolution and two GameCube Next teams?
    Time for something new: a rumour report by way of a Nintendo Watch
    informant. Obviously this informant has no track record so far, so
    you'll have to take his word that it could actually come from trusted
    sources pretty close to Nintendo.

    On the new Game Boy, 'The Star Child' writes: "The working title is
    Game Boy Evolution. Current designs are flip-tops with backlit screens
    similar to GBA SP, though it'll use GameCube-style tiny DVD's.
    Graphics should be slightly more powerful than that seen on the Sega
    Dreamcast. Bluetooth technology will be built-in. Apparently, the new
    system will be compatible with previous Game Boy games, which will be
    downloaded to the system through a device similar to a hard drive. My
    source tells me a rumour column in an American games magazine will
    soon publish more on this."

    The thing with specs like this is anyone could come up with them. They
    sound like Nintendo's well-judged answer to PlayStation Portable. One
    thing I can't see happening is inclusion of a Bluetooth chip — not
    after WaveBird and the supposed 802.11 support of the Dual-Screen

    It'll be interesting to see whether Nintendo mentions 'Game Boy
    Evolution' at the coming E3 trade show, which they might want to do in
    an effort to prove that the DS is not the new GBA.

    My informant continues on GameCube Next. Apparently two separate
    hardware development teams are working on Nintendo's next console,
    both co-operating with various external resources: "Two versions of
    the console is unlikely. I'd guess Nintendo is waiting to see which
    version best fits their need. Coming up are the specs for both
    versions supposedly in development."

    GameCube Next Version 1

    2.7 GHz PowerPC G5 Processor
    512 MB RAM (128 of that dedicated to video, 64 dedicated to sound)
    600 MHz Graphics Chip
    Built-in 15 GB Hard Drive

    GameCube Next Version 2

    Dual 1.8 GHz IBM G5 PowerPC Processors
    256 DDR Main Memory (64 of that dedicated to sound, a new 7.1 surround
    technology which will run at a quality of 196 KHz)
    128 MB GDDR3 Video Memory
    500 MHz Core ATI Graphics Chip (16 Pixel Pipe, 220 Million
    Built-in 15 GB Hard Drive
    "The inclusion of a hard drive in both models is of course interesting
    because the Xbox recently had its plans for a hard drive removed and
    there is no intention to have one in Sony's PlayStation 3. Furthermore
    the new surround technology could point to Factor 5 no longer being on

    The same goes here: anyone could come up with this — and there's
    actually at least one hole in the specs. The PowerPC processor is
    referred to as 'G5', but G5 is an Apple brand: this particular chip
    usually goes by the name of 'PowerPC 970'. Of note here is that my
    informant at least once mentions G5 as a code name for the console
    itself, which isn't too strange as GameCube Next will be Nintendo's
    fifth TV console system.

    Hopefully I'll soon be able to prove these specs right or wrong. If
    you have more information on Nintendo's next generation consoles
    suitable for publication on Nintendo Watch, please let me know.
    Combaticon, Apr 21, 2004
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  2. BS
    **** ********, Apr 21, 2004
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  3. Combaticon

    Radeon Guest

    smells like turd to me. the specs i mean.

    Radeon, Apr 21, 2004
  4. Mostly BS. The only true things about the specs are the inclusion of
    an ATI Graphics/Visual Processor and the inclusion of a PowerPC CPU.

    Now the hard drive is being taken out of the 2nd generation Xbox
    because the Xbox's harddrive was never fouind to be useful. MS found
    that out when looking at the Cube was capable of loading fast without
    a harddrive.

    All these consoles need is a 128 MB flash-rom to store the game saves.
    You can freely read and write from flash roms, and it is not lost when
    the power is lost.
    Lightning Bug, Apr 21, 2004
  5. Combaticon

    Ian McCall Guest

    I don't have an X-Box, but I have to disagree here that a hard drive is not
    useful on a console. I'd love to be able to put my own soundtracks to some
    games and the only feasible way of doing this is storing the tracks on HD.
    the PS2's Grand Tourismo series springs to mind here - GT had a superb
    soundtrack, GT2 had a middling soundtrack, GT3...what the hell were they

    Additionally, it would be good to be able to store bug-fix patches on the
    hard drive, upload custom skins, add new levels or whatever (depending on
    the game of course) - all this could be done either via a boradband adaptor
    or through some flash reader followed by an upload.

    No, I definitely appreciate having extra storage available on a console. And
    since modern consoles need fans anyway these days, it's not as if you're
    adding to the noise.

    Ian McCall, Apr 21, 2004
  6. Combaticon

    All the News Guest

    On the new Game Boy, 'The Star Child' writes: "The working title is
    A disk drive will zap power pretty quick. I can't imagine being
    away from an outlet for very long with the games running off a
    optical disk.

    All the News, Apr 21, 2004
  7. Disk drives use practically no power in comparison to the rest of the
    system. We have CD players that last several hours on 2 AA batteries.
    The main concern is speed of the disc and processor power usage.

    The bulk of electricity in modern computer is used by the computer
    system, not the drives.
    Lightning Bug, Apr 21, 2004
  8. Combaticon

    deKay Guest

    Soni tempori elseu romani yeof helsforo nisson ol sefini ill des Wed, 21 Apr
    2004 19:13:57 GMT, sefini jorgo geanyet des mani yeof do
    uk.games.video.gamecube, yawatina tan reek esk Lightning Bug
    Indeed. I have a portable CD player that also plays MP3 CDs, and it lasts
    about 12-15 hours on a pair of AAs. A friend of mine has a rechargable
    Minidisc player, that lasted him from the UK to Australia on one charge, and
    almost constant use.

    deKay, Apr 21, 2004
  9. You're a complete moron. HDD is useful for MMORPG, add-ons to current games
    you on, like cars, tracks, new characters, custom sound track for games,
    eminem is going to kill you, Apr 21, 2004
  10. You are the complete moron. MMORPGs can be done without a harddrive
    at all. All you need is enough RAM in your system to hold the
    necessary data needs to run and load it all from the server. But
    wait, downloading all of that data takes time. We need the harddrive
    to store the world that we play in so we can save time from
    downloading it. Why not keep the data on the game discs? Because we
    need to update and patch the data. Why do we need to update and patch
    it? Because the designers keep adding things and fixing problems.

    As far as add-on, get a PC and play PC games. The console is not a
    replacement for a PC. How many console games have add-ons that are
    not online?
    Lightning Bug, Apr 21, 2004
  11. You are the complete moron. MMORPGs can be done without a harddrive
    LOL, he said you need a lot of RAM hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Do you even
    know what RAM does? RAM isn't a fixed data. RAM will never be used to store
    anything other then data going back and forth. Plus everything will get
    deleted when the power goes off. Do you wanna keep reinstalling the cache of
    the game everytime you turn it on which could take minutes? You dumb ass.
    Well you gotta get outta the box. Online gaming is the future.
    eminem is going to kill you, Apr 21, 2004
  12. Combaticon

    Impmon Guest

    A better option would be to use existing memory card (like the SD, XD,
    or CF) rather than to make propierty cards. The advantage are that
    the card's there already and some of them are available in GB range
    (Smart Media is limited to 128 MB due to design flaw, and non Pro line
    of Memory Stick are also limited to 128MB)

    I already have pile of SD cards (6x 256MB at last count), a pile of MS
    (6x 128MB and 4x 64MB, and one 256MB PRO) as well as one 256MB CF, one
    4GB Microdrive, one 4MB MM, and one 64MB SM.
    Impmon, Apr 22, 2004
  13. I did not say you need lots of RAM. Just enough to hold the data that
    is necessary. All a harddrive is for is to store data. No more. No
    less. In order to run a program, it must be loaded into RAM. I do
    not consider RAM fixed data.

    Computers can be booted and fully used without a harddrive. All those
    computers need is a network card connected to a server. Upon boot-up,
    it loads all of programs and instructions needed to run from the
    server. The server holds all data. It is a very simple concept. The
    online games can practically handle the bandwidth for it now with
    broadband internet.

    Cache is reinstalled all of the time regardless of harddrive. Cache
    is temporary data that will go away no matter what.
    Lightning Bug, Apr 22, 2004
  14. Combaticon

    Nekofrog Guest

    Hey, moron, ever heard of non-volatile RAM? Yeah, it doesn't erase
    when power is cut to it. It's expensive, but by next year it will be

    Take a basic computer course, moron.
    Online gaming will never, EVER be as fun as sitting in a room with
    friends (you do know what a FRIEND is, right?) and playing a game
    Nekofrog, Apr 22, 2004
  15. The non-volatile RAM may not be around for a couple more years.

    He thinks that a hard drive is required for Massively Multiplayer
    Online Role Playing Games. He is dead wrong. All that is needed is
    an internet connection and the game disc. The only reason for the
    harddrive is to store new updated files program files. If the online
    game never changes and does not need updates, then there is no need
    for a harddrive.

    One thing that will occur in the future of online gaming is that
    internet connections will become fast enough that the only thing a
    user needs is the terminal program for the game. The level data,
    character data, and etc will be loaded from the game data server as
    necessary during the time not used for real time updates.
    Online gaming has severe limits. I rather be playing with friends in
    my living room or across a few networked machines in close proximaty.
    Lightning Bug, Apr 22, 2004
  16. I don't have an X-Box, but I have to disagree here that a hard drive
    FWIW, I thought this was a great idea too, however, it seems that
    most of the games I'd like to make custom soundtracks for don't
    support the feature. I thought it would kick ass to be able to
    mix in classic Bond movie themes into Everything or Nothing, or
    John Willams' score into Superman: TMOS. I'm really dissapointed
    that this feature seems limited to racers.


    Aaron J. Bossig

    Aaron J. Bossig, Apr 22, 2004
  17. Hey, moron, ever heard of non-volatile RAM? Yeah, it doesn't erase
    :) And you can predict the price how? And the transfer rate of non-volatile
    RAM can't even compare to the fastest HDD. Do you know how much money it
    would cost to have atleast 10 gigs of non-volatile RAM? Don't even bother to
    answer that question i just asked, you will just make yourself look more of
    an ass. And when Nintendo puts a harddrive in their next system, you will be
    jumping for joy, you fucking tool.
    So your friends are with you all the time? When you're in bed? When you take
    a Shower? When you use the toilet? Well I don't swing that way so please
    refrain from making idiotic post.
    eminem is going to kill you, Apr 22, 2004
  18. He thinks that a hard drive is required for Massively Multiplayer
    Um, if a MMORPG game never changes then what is the point? MMORPG past and
    present have always featured an evovling world that is constantly updating.
    I can see how you don't know this becuase you own a GameCube, so you're
    Um the level data, character data already do load from the game server for a
    MMORPG. The only thing that is loading from your system is the graphics for
    those levels and characters.

    Have you been living in a cube? Oh wait you own a GameCube so you're
    eminem is going to kill you, Apr 22, 2004
  19. Yep, you are a troll. Time to feed it. I have played everquest. I
    have a PC. All I can say for it is that it is boring. The MMORPGs
    have one small problem with them. The limited capabilities of a
    Hey stupid, the graphics are a part of the level and character data.
    The level data is the modelling of the area, special effects, and
    texture applied. Same goes for the other data. This info is
    downloaded from the main server regardless because idiots need to
    update it in order to fix them. And you have to sit there or go do
    something else for a couple of hours while the patching happens so you
    do not have to wait 10 minutes for a level to load.

    In the future, the textures, levels, character models, item lists, NPC
    models, furniture models, building models, and etc will be stored on a
    large set of servers and will send the data necessary to your game
    machine. This will happen when the internet becomes fast enough to
    handle it. Otherwise, you will have to wait for hours to download the
    new files. This is the future dispite it was used in the past history
    of computers.
    I own a cube, gaming PC, and a GBA. In my reach, I can play PS2,
    XBox, and anything else.

    You are a fool that lives in the box. You have never been able to get
    out of the box. You are of the simple minded morons that would leap
    from a tall building if your lord and master, the game console, said

    Before you reply again, learn more about computers.
    Lightning Bug, Apr 22, 2004
  20. Hopefully, only a few couple read this. You would be linched in
    moments. Non-volatile RAM is as fast if not faster than ROM. This
    data can be accessed as fast as the CPU's clock speed. Hard drives
    and disc media are as slow as snails compared to ROM. Shit man, there
    is ROM in the CPU. That ROM has the instruction data of what to do
    for certain instructions. The CPU accesses that anywhere from 1 to 20
    times per clock cycle. Non-volatile RAM will out class current RAM
    because it will not have the timing loss due to having the capacitors
    in the RAM getting recharged. Non-volatile RAM will in not lose
    charge, so the system can transfer data with it as fast as the system
    can handle it.

    The price when it comes out, 1 gigabyte per dollar or less with the
    addressable about of 16 Exabytes. Operating systems will have to be
    redsigned for it.
    What is your problem? To have friends is not to have them around all
    of the time, unless it is a girl-friend or boy-friend. And with your
    comment, you have neither. You will be 46 and never been kissed.

    Stop responding you amatuer.
    Lightning Bug, Apr 22, 2004
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