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problem capturing sound with my voodoo 3500tv card and related sb16 prob.

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by snuh, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. snuh

    snuh Guest

    i have a voodoo 3500tv card and am using adobe premiere 5 to capture
    video., and audio. there is no problem with the video, but i will not
    capture audio. i received the card from used from a source that is
    extremely reliable that has confirmed that the sound works, but my
    troubleshooting has not been able to solve the problem. does anyone
    have the manual on this card, or know wher i can obtain a copy of it,
    or know what piece i my be missing to connect the sb16 card with the
    capture card. even some simple instructions might be helpful.

    also, i have a soundblaster 16 card for my pc - an amd k6-2 board -
    with a 550 processor. every time i shutdown the computer, the card
    kicks out. when i restart the computer, the computer gets to the
    windows 98 screen and stalls for about 5 minutes and then restarts in
    safe mode. in control panel, the sound card has a yello question mark
    beside it, saying there were problems with it on starting, generic
    error message. ive followed all instructions that the computer
    suggests to no avail. if i unistall the card in control panel manually
    before i shutdown, the computer starts fine, and then re-install the
    driver upon reboot. however, when asked if i want to restart the
    computer to finish installation, i have to say no, the sound icon
    appears in the system tray and the sound works fine. ive tried the
    card in both slots. everything workd just fine until about 7 months
    ago i hada virus on my computer and i was forced to format every drive
    - ever since then, the card gradually began to have trouble upon

    but the soundcard works. what could the problem be? and better yet,
    the solution?
    snuh, Sep 9, 2003
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