problem connecting gigabit and fast ethernet?

Discussion in 'Asus' started by Jim Shaffer, Jr., Nov 9, 2003.

  1. I had a server with a DLink DFE-530TX+ 10/100 ethernet card connected to a Cisco
    DSL modem/router and a Compaq Presario laptop with built-in 10/100 ethernet via
    a Netgear dual-speed hub. Everything was running at 100 megabits according to
    the lights on the hub, and everything was running smoothly, although I never got
    anywhere near 100 megabits because neither the laptop nor the modem could
    provide that sort of throughput. The laptop would do significantly higher than
    10 megabits on large files from the server, however. I replaced the system with
    the DLink card with a system with an ASUS P4P800 motherboard with a built-in
    gigabit ethernet interface from 3Com. The first thing I found was that telnet
    connections from the laptop to the server were unusable -- there was a
    tremendous lag, and frequent disconnects. The next thing I found was that
    transferring large files from the server to the laptop via SMB directory sharing
    resulted in the speed rapidly oscillating from far below 10 megabits to far
    above ten megabits, accompanied by the collision light on the hub being on at
    least 50% of the time. The resulting transfer speed to the laptop was lousy,
    and made watching streaming video from the server impossible. (It was smooth
    before, even though the speed didn't get much above 10 megabits at times because
    the laptop is no match for the server.)

    I'm not sure that this is a hardware problem because while I was installing
    drivers for the new hardware on the server I decided to do a full Linux upgrade.
    But transfers go smoothly with small files, I can print from the laptop to the
    printer hosted by the server, I can telnet from the server to itself, and the
    server talks to the modem with no errors or reduced speed. It's only when
    filling the pipe from the server to the laptop that things get weird, other than
    that telnet problem. The reason I'm bringing it up on a hardware group is
    because the new motherboard in the server has developed another (unrelated)
    problem, and if I have to replace it I'm wondering if I should get something
    different. (I was going to try the old network card on the new board, if it was
    still running.)
    Jim Shaffer, Jr., Nov 9, 2003
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