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Problem with AMD CS5536 and GPIOs / Advantech PCM 3353

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Rakietka, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. Rakietka

    Rakietka Guest


    For the few last days I'm struggling with AMD CS5536 Southbridge an
    GPIOs. It's a part of PCM 3353, a 3,5" biscuit PC by Advantech
    - here you can take a look to datasheet) What I'm trying to do is to ge
    GPIO running on PLD Linux with kernel
    Advantech brought some drivers, but they are binary verions compile
    against kernel 2.4.8-20 which makes them useless.
    I compiled Ben Gardners CS5535/CS5536 driver, but got no results.
    Here are the steps I took:
    1. Compiled Ben's driver as module and loaded it - dmesg says tha
    base=0x6100 and major=253
    2. Created device nodes under /dev/gpio:
    #mknod -m660 /dev/gpio/1 c 253 1
    3. Wrote simple program to read/write GPIO registers. Reading /dev/gpio/1
    gives following result:
    0IoTPd, which means output value=0, input enabled, output disabled
    open-drain disabled, weak pull-up enabled, weak pull-down disabled.
    I am able to disable input and enable output, but this is the only actio
    I can take. Every other gives no result, I mean, it seems like the ne
    values are not being written to registers.
    If I write "1iOTPd", which means 1 as output, input disabled, outpu
    enabled, there are no changes being made. I read the old value, which i
    In AMD CS5563 Data Book I found register named GPIO Low Bank Lock Enable
    which purpose is to protect other registers against accidental changes.
    thought it may be the cause, but later found that there are already 0's
    so protection is disabled.
    I almost forgot - the voltage level on GPIO pins is +5V, no matter i
    particular GPIO is set as output or input.

    Did anybody had similar problem?
    Any help highly appreciated.

    Rakietka, Dec 2, 2007
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