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problem with an old system (SPARCsation LX running SunOS 4.1.3C)

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Kirt Dankmyer aka Loki, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. Okay, I have this old machine. It's a SPARCstation LX running SunOS
    4.1.3C and Openwindows Version 3.

    All it is supposed to do is sit there, logged in as a user, and run
    this custom-written program, which connects to another machine over
    the private network this box is on.

    But every so often, it panics, dumping the following to the screen
    (slightly edited to protect the guilty):

    Console started

    Sat Dec 6 18:58:40 EST 2003
    add net101.0.0.0: gateway

    wffscna login: add net gateway 132.254.x.4
    add net gateway 132.254.x.3
    BAD TRAP: cpu=0 type=9 rp=fd002eec addr=f002d12c
    mmu_fsr=3ab rw=2

    MMU sfsr=3ab: Protection Error on supv data store at level 3
    regs at fd002ec:
    psr=41400ac2 pc=f0105458 npc=f010545c
    y: 77000000 g1: f0190400 g2: 0 g3: 195b5
    g4: 0 g5: fd009000 g6: 0 g7: f0195400
    o0: fd002f40 o1: f003692c o2: f0017164 o3: 0
    o4: fd002f30 o5: 34 sp: fd002f38 ra: f0198e3c
    pid -1, `': Data access exception
    kernel write fault at addr=0xf002d12c, pme=0x2dba
    MMU sfsr=3ab: Protection Error on supv data store at level 3
    rp=0xfd002eec, pc=0xf0105458, sp=06fd002f38, psr=0x41400ac2,
    Begin traceback... sp=fd002f38
    Called from f0007534, fp=fd002fa0, args=f002d078 41400c4 1000 ff000008
    fb026384 f02ed2d8
    Called from f002cfe0, fp=fd008e98, args=418000e5 8 ff000008 0 410000e5
    End traceback...
    panic on cpu 0: Data access exception
    syncing file systems... done
    00794 low-memory static kernel pages
    00288 additional static and sysmap kernel pages
    00000 dynamic kernel data pages
    00192 additional user structure pages~

    I *think* this is a network problem, but I'm not sure. Any clues?
    Kirt Dankmyer aka Loki, Dec 9, 2003
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