Problem with Asus Z97K - Random shutdowns

Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by bostiii, Oct 1, 2019.

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    Oct 1, 2019
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    So i have been having this problems for some time now. At first it was no big deal, and I have not give any attention to it. But now it is going out of hand. It randomly shuts down everyday. Usually a couple of times continiously. But sometimes it works with no problem. It is frustrating, since I am editing videos or work and it just shuts during editing. It does this also during other work. Web browsing and so on.
    I have already changed the power supply. Changed the RAM, and also the graphics card, but it still did not fix the problem. I also send it to repair, and they said they did not find any problem and that they can not help me. But it all sounds like there is a problem with the motherboard.
    Now i am getting a bit desprete, since i have a lot of open projects that i want to finish (End of the wedding season).
    Does any one have a solution? Or does anybody know if there can be something else wrong, besides the motherboard. Would greatly appreciate it.

    Asus Z97k
    Graphic: Nvidia 860gtx
    Ram: Kingston Hyperx 4x 4gb kit DDR3 (now changed to corsair 2x 8gb)
    Ssd Sandisk 240gb + 2x 5tb WD Red

    Thank you
    bostiii, Oct 1, 2019
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