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Problem with ATI RADEON 9600 LE 256MB VID CARD AND SIMS-2

Discussion in 'ATI' started by J-McC, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. J-McC

    J-McC Guest

    I am having problems with ATI Radeon 9600LE 256mb vid card.
    After several minutes use in SIMS2 game the video appears to loose
    sync. The card is not being overclocked. I have looked for a
    replacement video driver, all I can find are ATI Radeon 9600 pro or Se
    but not LE.
    I found this printed on the actual card.
    "ATI RADEON 9600 LE 256mb TV OUT DVI:11CTDV10404001264"
    Can some one please give me a url to try and find drivers. The main
    board is a Gigabyte c/w 1gb ram, and pent4-3.2gb.
    A friend of mine has exactly the same system and exactly the same
    problems so I dont think the video card is faulty.
    I am running Win Xp Pro incl SP2.
    Jim McCardle
    J-McC, Mar 19, 2005
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  2. J-McC

    Augustus Guest

    Try turning off vsync in the game and see if this helps. (ctrl-shift-c then
    enter vsync off) All desktop Radeon cards, from the 7000 series to the X850
    series use the same unified Catalyst drivers. Current version is 5.3 from
    www.ati.com. If this is what you're using, try an older version. I've seen
    it run without any issues on a 9800 Pro and 8500 card.
    Augustus, Mar 19, 2005
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  3. J-McC

    blackcat Guest

    This worked for me when Radeon 9600 XT frooze up while viewing this newsgroup.
    It transferred rendering from hardware to software. I was going to call ATI
    anyway, now I have a positive suggestions. Anyone else have "screen freeze,
    mouse and computer hang" problems with 9600 Xt (Powercolor). Already unloaded
    and reloaded latest drivers.

    blackcat, Mar 31, 2005
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