Problem with Chaintech 7NJL6 - startsup and then dies

Discussion in 'Chaintech' started by parm, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. parm

    parm Guest


    I just purchased the Chaintech 7NJL6 for my AMD Duron 1.8 GHz CPU. I
    connected everything and started the system. It starts for a few
    seconds and then dies. The power LED on the front panel starts to
    blink. I disconnected all the components and placed the board on non
    conductive base and powered it up, still the same problem. Any
    suggestions or comments. HELP!!!!

    parm, Jul 3, 2005
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  2. parm

    uddarts Guest

    check your heatsink and make sure it’s not sitting on the lip of the
    cpu mount. did you use a thermal pad or thermal grease? is the cpu fan
    plugged into the correct fan header and is it a 3 wire fan?

    did you clear the cmos/bios jumper?

    uddarts, Jul 3, 2005
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  3. parm

    parm Guest


    I checked the fan, it seems to be sitting fine. The CPU has four
    cylindrical (i assume rubber like) raised surfaces on which the fan
    sits. It is a two wire fan. I did not get any thermal grease or
    anything with the fan. I bought all the parts (HD, CPU, MB, Memory
    etc.) from Tiger Direct. I have installed the memory and fan.
    Everything else is disconnected. I did clear the CMOS. It starts and
    then just dies. Maybe something is tripping it. I don’t know. I have
    also sent an email to Chaintech. But no reply so far. This was

    Thank you so much for your help. Any other thoughts or suggestions. I
    am trying to get this up and running for my son. We are both very
    exicited about it. But so far no luck.

    parm, Jul 3, 2005
  4. parm

    uddarts Guest

    stop where you are! do not move or pass go! you don’t want to burn up
    your chip.

    you need some sort of thermal compound between the cpu and the
    heatsink base.

    what heatsink do you have. can you give me a link?

    some heatsinks come with a little pad on the bottom of them and has a
    peel off tape that portects it from dirt during shipping.

    if there isn’t one you can buy something like these listed at

    here is a link for instructions how to apply.

    you may be able to find some locally.

    your heat sink fan needs 3 wire. the yellow one is an rpm sensor which
    the motherboard looks for. it is a safety feature in case the fan

    again what heatsink and fan do you have? since it’s not 3 wire makes
    me think the combo may be wrong.

    uddarts, Jul 3, 2005
  5. parm

    parm Guest


    Could the fan cause such a problem. I have posted the link for the fan
    that I bought

    Below is the link for the motherboard that I purchased from

    At this moment, I am just trying to narrow down the problem as to what
    might be wrong. I just want the board to work with bare minimum setup.
    Once this is done, then I will do the complete assembly for use. I
    will order the new fan and the thermal gel today or will go and buy
    one from the local store.

    Thank you so much for all the help.

    parm, Jul 4, 2005
  6. parm

    uddarts Guest

    here’s one that’s in the price range of the one you bought. if you
    notice it makes reference to a 3 pin connector.

    * Fan Dimension: 66x60x10 mm
    * Heatsink Dimension: 66x72.7x42.5 mm
    * Rated Voltage: 12V
    * Started Voltage: 5V
    * Rated Current: 0.38A
    * Power Input: 4.20W
    * Max. Air Flow: 20.2 CFM
    * Noise: 35 dBA
    * Bearing Type: 1 Ball Bearing
    * Life Expectation: 40,000 Hours
    * Connector: 3 Pin
    * Total Weight: 285 g
    * Thermal Resistance: ca=0.58 C/W

    how you managed to find one that only has 2 wires, we just chalk up to
    a $5 case of bad luck.

    i use a single edge razor blade to spread the thermal compound. you
    don’t need a lot. more isn’t better. just smooth it out and cover the
    small die in the middle of the cpu. if you should get a little on the
    rest of the cpu, just clean it up with a q-tip and some alcohol.

    keep intouch.


    uddarts, Jul 4, 2005
  7. parm

    parm Guest


    Thanks so much. I have also found something similar to what you have
    recommended at COMPUSA. It is a 3 pin connector and in stock. I can
    pick it up locally. Lets hope it works. I have the links below. Any
    input on these.

    If they don’t work, I will definitely order the one from tigerdirect.

    I really appreciate all your time in helping me solving this problem.
    Once again, thanks.

    parm, Jul 4, 2005
  8. parm

    uddarts Guest

    the second one is much better. copper is always better. i don’t think
    the first one is really rated for your cpu. it has much better cmf, 42
    vs 9. if they don’t have it in stock, i’m sure they can assist you in
    a good choice. they should have the thermal compound and a cooler for
    you at compusa to fit your needs.
    uddarts, Jul 4, 2005
  9. parm

    parm Guest

    parm, Jul 7, 2005
  10. parm

    parm Guest

    parm, Jul 7, 2005
  11. parm

    uddarts Guest

    you did get some thermal compound also?

    just to cover all the bases. the proper hs install:

    if you placed the hs on the cpu with the large surface area on the cpu
    and the notched area over the raise portion where the lever hidges.
    the slot on the clip, where you put the screw driver, goes on that
    side too.

    we haven’t discussed the psu have we? on the side of the psu it should
    list how many amps the +12v. what does it say?

    uddarts, Jul 7, 2005
  12. parm

    parm Guest

    Hi UD,

    I have bought the copper heatsink and the fan along with the thermal
    compound. Installed and everything seems to work fine. The system
    boots up now I am going through an installation process. I ran into
    some bios problems but they are fixed now.

    This fan and heatsink is heavy and has a much better tension in the
    spring. This seems to have done the job.

    I will keep you updated if something else comes up.

    Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.

    parm, Jul 9, 2005
  13. parm

    uddarts Guest

    talk about a tough row to hoe, huh! this has been too much like work.

    glad things are finally going your way.

    uddarts, Jul 9, 2005
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