Problem with clock and suspend/resume on Gateway Handbook 486

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by mmmmmmmm, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. mmmmmmmm

    mmmmmmmm Guest

    I have a Gateway Handbook 486 made in about 1994 running DOS 6.22. It works
    without a problem except that the Lithium rechargeable battery needed to be
    replaced. I did that and the clock on the motherboard runs fine, I can also
    read the correct time in the BIOS. The problem is that when I suspend then
    resume (there is no ON/OFF switch) DOS does not update its own clock. The
    hardware is working correctly because when I reboot DOS, DOS picks up the
    correct time and the "time" command returns the right time - UNTIL I
    suspend. At that point, when I resume, DOS shows the LAST time from when the
    system was suspended.

    I beleive the broblem is that I am missing a driver or .SYS file in
    config.sys and that without that bit of code, DOS does not update its own
    clock on every resume. Gateway has no answer for me, neither does their web

    I repeat, the hardware works fine as evidenced by the fact that DOS updates
    its clock when I reboot (Ctrl-Alt-Del).

    Does someone have a Handbook 486 with the missing driver, utility or piece
    of software that they could pull off and email to me. I would be willing to
    pay $10 for your trouble. Could you also email me your config.sys and
    autoexec.bat? This would have to be someone whose Handbook 486 clock is
    updated on every resume, of course. I beleive my problem lies in the fact
    that the company that sold me the Handbook 486 left out some of the
    utilities and drivers peculiar to the Handbook.

    Please reply to:

    replace the 2004 with the previous year

    Thanks in advance
    mmmmmmmm, Nov 22, 2004
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