Problem with crackling/popping during audio playback from music cd only

Discussion in 'Dell' started by Joe T., Jan 23, 2004.

  1. Joe T.

    Joe T. Guest


    I have worked with computers for over a decade but am stumped with a
    problem. Thinking maybe its Dell related..

    My dad purchased a Dell desktop computer a few months ago. He use
    to be able to play audio cds in the cdrom drives without a problem.
    Now when he tries to play audio cds its popping, skipping, etc. When
    he plays an audio file off the hard drive, no problem, it works then.

    I am sure he must have gotten into something and changed a setting.
    Thought maybe it was Roxio software so that was uninstalled and
    reinstalled..That did not help.

    Here is a list of some things I did..

    1. Uninstalled and reinstalled Roxio software
    2. Double checked settings for cdrom drives
    3. Uninstalled sound card software and reinstalled
    4. Deleted alot of the startup programs in the task tray
    5. He can still burn cds (including audio) without a problem
    and they play fine on main stereo.

    Any ideas ?
    It has to be something on the channel between the cdrom drives and
    the system or a setting one time it use to play audio
    cds perfectly.

    Thanks for your input..

    Joe T., Jan 23, 2004
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  2. Joe T.

    Madonna Guest

    There are 2 ways to play a CD: Digital or Analog.

    For Digital make sure DMA is enabled for the controller. You must
    go in the device manager and set the controller and CD properties, if
    it says 'PIO' set it to 'AUTO' and reboot. Also check to see if your CPU
    is running at 100% when the problem occurs.

    For Analog you probably won't have pops and skips but the sound
    will be not as good as normal digital playback. The sound is decoded
    by the CD drive and travel on that 4-wire cable connected between
    the CD drive and the sound card.

    You didn't mention if you're playing an original CD or a copy. The pops
    could also be caused by a poor copy of a CD. Use EAC to rip correctly,
    and use a good brand name CD like Fuji, Maxell, Verbatim DataLifePlus,
    or TaiyoYuden. Also updating your CD-RW drive's firmware will improve
    the burn quality.
    Madonna, Jan 23, 2004
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  3. Joe T.

    Joe T. Guest

    HI.. Thanks for your input. I will check the controller settings for
    the drives. The audio cds that we attemped to play were original
    cds and not copies.

    Joe T., Jan 24, 2004
  4. Joe T.

    Pat Conover Guest

    I second what Stew says, I had a problem with my SBLive card in my Dell
    4550. Couldn't figure it out, delete, remove, uninstall, reinstall, etc.
    Then my fax program stopped working. I ran the Dell modem diagnostics
    program, which reported a problem and then fixed it. It also fixed the
    sound card problem too! HTH

    Pat Conover
    Pat Conover, Jan 24, 2004
  5. Joe T.

    S.Lewis Guest

    Good reply post.

    Thing is, if the computer is only "a few months (old)" as he mentioned, then
    the CD audio isn't using a 4 pin/wire molex analog at all; but rather is
    using the IDE2 ribbon cable for digital playback. He'd also be using WinXP
    and it's fairly safe to say that "enable digital playback" is on by default.

    For giggles, I'd also try removing the PCI modem if the system has one.

    S.Lewis, Jan 28, 2004
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