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Problem with FX5200 personal Cinema and DirectX 9 - serial reboots

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Cameron, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Cameron

    Cameron Guest

    I'm hoping someone here can help, because I'm pretty much at the end
    of my rope here. Here are my system specs:

    Motherboard: MSI KT6V-LSR
    RAM: 2x 512MB Infineon PC3200 DDR
    CPU: Athlon XP2500+
    Video: MSI FX5200 Personal Cinema 128MB
    HDD: Maxtor 160GB

    Windows XP Home SP1
    All available Windows Updates
    Norton SystemWorks 2003
    MSI bundled drivers and software
    MSI Personal Cinema
    MSI Live Update 3

    The problem is, I get serial reboots (computer boots to desktop, then
    reboots within a few seconds) unless I start in safe mode, or use
    MSConfig to disable all startup items. Enabling even a single startup
    item, no matter what it is (NVCPL, any of the Norton tasks, etc)
    results in serial reboots.

    Troubleshooting steps taken so far:
    Replace RAM - (single 512 or 2x512) no effect
    Replace motherboard (same model) - no effect
    Replace video card (same model) - no effect
    Replace CPU (same model) - no effect
    Replace power supply (w/ 450W) - no effect
    Update all drivers, MBD BIOS, VGA BIOS, DVD/CDRW BIOS w/ Live Update 3
    - no effect
    Install Windows XP but don't install any Windows Updates - computer
    functions normally
    Install DirectX 9.0b - serial reboots
    Roll back to DirectX 8.1 - computer functions normally
    Install DirectX 9.0a - serial reboots
    Replace video card (GeForce MX440) - computer functions normally

    Throughout this whole process, Windows XP was reinstalled clean about
    five times - just to be sure the issue wasn't caused by file
    corruption in the install.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Do I have to go with a different video
    card? Or is there something obvious I've missed?

    Cameron, Feb 18, 2004
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  2. Cameron

    Paul Guest

    Try this
    right click on desktop>>properties>>settings>>advanced>>troubleshoot
    uncheck 'Enable write combining''
    let us know
    Paul, Feb 18, 2004
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  3. Cameron

    Mike Guest

    I had the same problem. My computer would reboot continuously. I was
    able to eventually get it to work however to be honest I'm not sure
    how. I think it had something to do with the sequence in which you
    load the drivers and make sure you load the Personal Cinema VGA driver
    (version I uninstalled everything, drivers, etc. using the
    Device manager and the Control Panel. Then restarted the computer and
    installed the VGA drivers first and then the WDM drivers allowing XP
    to find the drivers off the CD without rebooting. I did notice that
    this time it installed, the A/V crossbars, then the Tuner and then the
    Capture Driver in that sequence.

    Sorry I can't say much more,but that worked for me.
    Mike, Feb 28, 2004
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