Problem with GA-7VT600-L and Installing Windows XP (and others)

Discussion in 'Gigabyte' started by Chox, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. Chox

    Chox Guest

    This is a Revision 1.0 board with an F11 BIOS.

    This is my SECOND ONE.

    The first one Would hang up after I booted from the CDROM and told it
    install windows on a brand new HD.

    This is the setup:
    Gigabyte MOBO
    Infineon PC-2700 MHZ RAM (512MB)
    Chaintech 5900XT AGP (been swapped out with a G3-ti200 with little to
    no change in behavior).

    AMD XP 2800+ CPU w/ aftermarket cpu cooler (temps running at mid 40s)
    Mitsumi Mini Floppy (been swapped with a sony mini floppy with no
    change in performance)
    Liteon 52xXXx52x CDR
    LG 16x DVD-ROM
    Maxtor Diamond MAX 80GB 8MEG IDE Drive
    Not even installed yet is a 56k Intel hardware controlled Modem.

    This is in a supernova Axion Case with 480w PS

    Windows HANGS on the part that says "Starting Windows Setup" or
    something like that.

    I went looking and the M$ pages say to UPDATE THE BIOS.

    SO, I went to GIGABYTE for the BIOS update and I read to NOT update
    too much, so I grab the F13 update, then I will flash it to the F15
    soon after.

    The floppy seems to have problems reading the disk and I get BIOS
    CHECK ERRORS so I thought maybe I needed to reformat and etc.

    I REFORMAT the DISK and put the SAME files on from the GIGABYTE pages.

    I flash the BIOS, it says it is good and SUCCESSFUL and I tell it to
    Exit and reboot and it does and never boots again...

    So I sent it back and I have another one. SAME SHIT, DIFFERENT DAY...

    This time instead of Q-FLASH I try the BIOS FLASHER they have on their
    site and I make it onto a BOOT DISK and boot up with it. It reads the
    disk and the light sticks ON and the system hangs...

    No matter WHAT I do, I can NOT get to a freaking DOS PROMPT to FLASH
    THE BIOS...

    GIGABYTE seems to be too tied up with me flashing the BIOS wrong.
    Their Q-FLASH SAID IT WAS A GOOD FLASH and still it DIED.

    Now I have this Other board that READS itself as an XP 2800+ on bootup
    and EVERYTHING looks GREAT, except that the SYSTEM is just NOT right
    somehow. It locks up left and right, I have even tried Elixir pc-3200
    RAM with no change. Everything is fine until either windows XP starts
    to do setup or I try to boot from the floppy...

    Any Ideas SURE would be nice about right now.
    Chox, Dec 21, 2004
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  2. Chox

    Mercury Guest

    Have you gone through the Clear CMOS procedure? Its in the manual.
    Make sure your PC is not plugged in when you do this.

    Have you tested your ram with memtest86 from
    Is the CPU heatsink mounted correctly? Right way around? Correct application
    of thermal grease? Whta does the bios say about CPU temp? Check the voltages
    while there.
    Some RAM requires a voltage bump of +0.1v - check here, with the supplier or
    manufacturer or just try it. The ram speed settings could be too
    aggressive - try slower settings. Turn off Optimised settings for a test.

    If the system is overall unstable, you could strip the system to a minimum
    and do a cardboard test. The PSU could be over-rated or overloaded or both.
    Check the label on the side as often there are restrictions EG max of x
    watts on 5v and 12v at the same time.

    Generally speaking & unless there are comments otherwise for interveining
    bios versions, going to the latest bios is most expedient particularly if
    the board is new and has no OS loaded yet.

    - Tim
    Mercury, Dec 21, 2004
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