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problem with LPT Device (none printing) on virtual usb parallel port via port replicator

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Hannes Schachtner, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. I just recently bought a laptop and it came without a LPT port so I
    got a USB replicator dock (it includes serial, parralel, etc.).
    However, it was designed to only allow for printers to connect to it and
    then in the printing software I would have to select a USB virtual port
    for the printer.
    I have other applications (old special CCD Camera) and devices that I want to
    connect to the parrallel port but the applications do not have the
    option to connect via Virtual USB port, only LPT1,LPT2,LPT3 or port addresses.

    So basically my question is: is there any application that will allow me to
    simulate the virtual usb port as a parrallel port? I want it to look
    like LPT1 or LPT2 or LPT3 to any other application I use, currently it
    does not show up in the device manager as an LPT port because I have winXP.

    Hannes Schachtner, Aug 23, 2004
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