problem with SD card reader in a Dell Inspiron 640m

Discussion in 'Dell' started by sobriquet, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. sobriquet

    sobriquet Guest


    I'm running Vista on my Dell Inspiron 640m laptop and I'm wondering if
    anyone else has experienced any problems with their built-in memory
    card reader. Often when I take out a SD card and insert it again, it
    doesn't come up automatically as a removable drive in the windows
    explorer where all drives are listed. Only after a reboot the SD card
    is recognized again as a removable disk.

    Another issue is that I bought an 8 GB class 6 SDHC card recently and
    although I'm happy it's being recognized by the internal card reader
    in the laptop, the file transfer speed is very slow somehow. When I
    use a very cheap external memory card reader (connected via USB), the
    transfer speed (from PC to card) is almost three times as fast. Is
    this perhaps an issue with the driver for the internal memory card
    reader or is the internal memory card reader supposed to be so slow?

    Kind regards and thanks in advance for any suggestions, Niek Sprakel

    (posted previously on the dellcommunity forum to no avail)
    sobriquet, Mar 8, 2008
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  2. sobriquet

    Clark Guest

    Do you know the specifications for the card? Vista can use some devices as
    a type of fast access memory, but only if the card meets certain standards.
    Maybe Vista is trying to make it work. I don't run Vista, so I don't know
    if there is a setting to affect this type of behavior. Try not inserting
    the card until after boot.

    Clark, Mar 9, 2008
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  3. sobriquet

    sobriquet Guest

    I suppose you can look up the specifications on the website from but at the moment somehow I can't view their page on
    SDHC cards.
    The brand is Transcend, 8 GB SDHC, class 6.
    Inserting the card before or after booting doesn't seem to make any
    I shall try to experiment some more soon with different memory cards
    (got an old SanDisk 256 MB SD card) if it makes any difference whether
    I'm in vista or XP soon (got a dual boot system).
    Regarding fast access memory.. I presume you mean ReadyBoost (it's a
    tab in the properties of usb flash memory in the windows explorer)? I
    think I have that disabled.
    sobriquet, Mar 9, 2008
  4. sobriquet

    Journey Guest

    I recommend downloading and installing the latest 640m driver from
    Dell's website.

    Also do a lot of Googling, with your computer type (as well as the
    Small Business equivalent and the prior models) with the card name +

    You may have one or two problems. There is a problem with the SD card
    reader because it should reappear. There may also be a problem
    reading that highly spec'd SDHC card.

    Vista probably isn't using it for ReadyBoost, but that's something you
    can check too.
    Journey, Mar 9, 2008
  5. sobriquet

    Ben Myers Guest

    You mean NotReallyReadyBoost, or ReadySlowdown? Another marketing fiction for
    the most part. Good sizzle, no steak. Not even a burger. More like poorly
    inspected cattle... Ben Myers
    Ben Myers, Mar 9, 2008
  6. sobriquet

    Michael Arm Guest

    Some older readers do not support the SDHC specification.

    Michael Arm, Mar 9, 2008
  7. sobriquet

    WSZsr Guest

    I'm pretty sure the 640 is not compatible with SDHC cards - only the
    standard SD cards.
    WSZsr, Mar 9, 2008
  8. sobriquet

    sobriquet Guest

    Didn't you read my posting? I just wrote that the 8 GB SDHC card is
    being recognized by
    the memory card reader on my dell 640m (although it's slow, much
    slower than when I read
    it via a memory card reader).
    sobriquet, Mar 10, 2008
  9. sobriquet

    sobriquet Guest

    I know... two usb memory card readers wouldn't read the card at all..
    Had to buy
    a new usb memory card reader that is compatible with SDHC.
    sobriquet, Mar 10, 2008
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