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Problems about pic thermometer

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Novel, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Novel

    Novel Guest

    Now I am doing a pic thermometer which use the LM19 temperature sensor
    to measure the temperature and display on the 2*16 LCD without
    And I have a pic18f45k20 microcontroller chip and 4504N adc converter.
    I have connect the temp sensor to pin 9 of the pic18f45k20.
    Now I just want to ask who can give me help with the codes to let this
    system works.
    Novel, Mar 3, 2009
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  2. Novel

    linnix Guest

    If you are using the internal A2D already, what are you using the
    external A2D for? Double checking the PIC A2D?
    linnix, Mar 4, 2009
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  3. Novel

    Novel Guest

    Thank you for answering me.
    Firstly, the address of datasheet of ADC converter is
    Secondly, the part number of LCD is PMC1602C-SYR.
    Thirdly, I really need ADC converter. What I need to do is to test
    connection on the board and finally to finish on the PCB.
    Fourthly, I connect the Vout of the temp sesor to the AN6/WR#/RE1 pin
    9 of the microchip_18F4XK20.

    I never learned c language before, I feel difcult to work it out.
    I want to know now is how to display the voltage value of the temp
    sensor on the LCD. After that, I know how to use the eqn. for
    temperature and voltage to show the temperature on the LCD.

    The following was the code I have figure out. I could not going on
    do not know whether they are right or wrong.


    #include "p18f45k20.h"
    #include "delays.h"
    #include "lcd.h"

    #pragma udata // declare statically allocated uinitialized

    #pragma code // declare
    executable instructions

    void main (void)
    // set internal oscillator to 4MHz
    OSCCON = 0x50; // IRCFx =
    OSCTUNEbits.PLLEN = 0; // x4 PLL

    lcd_init(); //
    initialise display
    write first screen
    lcd_goto(0x00); //
    goto 1st line position 3

    lcd_puts ("PIC
    Thermometer"); // write string to
    lcd_goto(0x44); //
    second line position 4
    lcd_puts ("Runnin..."); // write
    second line

    Delay10KTCYx(255); //
    delay approx 2.5 Seconds

    lcd_clear(); //
    clear lcd
    lcd_goto(0); // 1st
    line position 1
    lcd_puts("Temperature is:");
    ("lalalala.."); //
    I just use lalalala to inst. temperature what I want.

    Delay10KTCYx(255); //
    delay approx 2.5 Seconds


    void Timer0_Init(void)
    INTCONbits.TMR0IF = 0; // clear roll-over interrupt flag
    T0CON = 0b00000001; // prescale 1:4 - about 1 second
    maximum delay.
    TMR0H = 0; // clear timer - always write
    upper byte first
    TMR0L = 0;
    T0CONbits.TMR0ON = 1; // start timer


    void ADC_Init(void)
    ANSEL = 0; //turn off all other analog inputs
    ANSELH = 0;
    ANSELbits.ANS6 = 1; // turn on RE1 analog
    ADCON0 = 0b00011001;


    unsigned char ADC_Convert(void)
    { // start an ADC conversion and return the 8 most-significant bits
    the result
    ADCON0bits.GO_DONE = 1; // start conversion
    while (ADCON0bits.GO_DONE == 1); // wait for it to complete
    return ADRESH; // return high byte of result
    Novel, Mar 4, 2009
  4. Novel

    linnix Guest

    So, how do you hook up the 14504BCP?
    linnix, Mar 4, 2009
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