Problems Using Apple Mail and Attachments

Discussion in 'Apple' started by sbrizz, Mar 5, 2005.

  1. sbrizz

    sbrizz Guest


    I am a rather inexperienced user and have encounterd a problem with
    attachments sent to my Macintosh G5's Apple Mail application. Here is

    my story: 1) I have purchased the Microsoft Office application and
    loaded it on my Mac. 2) I can take Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files
    generated on my office PC, place them on a CD, bring them home and load

    them into my MAC and read them with no problems. 3) My problem develops

    when I attach one of these Office files to an Outlook eMail message and

    sent it to my MAC.

    When the eMail appears in Apple Mail on my MAC the attachment has the
    following annotation: "winmail.dat". I am not able to read this
    on the MAC. I thought maybe I needed to change the compression
    in Outlook; so, I send test eMails with attachments using the Smart
    Mode, ZIP Mode, and Do Not Compress Settings Mode. All of these
    resulted in giving me the same "winmail.dat" result --- which again I
    cannot read.

    I am at a loss as to what to do next. Any help would REALLY be
    sbrizz, Mar 5, 2005
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  2. sbrizz

    Ed Anson Guest

    I'm not sure exactly what your problem is, but it must be in your
    Outlook settings. I routinely send files from a Windows 2000 system
    (using Outlook) home to my Mac and receive them just fine using Apple's
    Mail program. A properly attached file arrives with its original file name.

    However, I have seen that winmail.dat type of file come from other
    Windows users and have never been able to open it.

    Being primarily a Mac person [I am forced to use the other at work :-(]
    I don't know much about configuring Outlook. But I have noticed some
    settings in address list entries regarding how mail should be formatted
    for each recipient. If I had to fix my Outlook, I would probably start

    I hope this helps, even if just a little.
    Ed Anson, Mar 5, 2005
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  3. sbrizz

    Scott Lowe Guest

    The WINMAIL.DAT file comes from Outlook's Rich Text Formatting, which
    only Outlook (or another Microsoft-based e-mail application)
    understands. Please note that this is not the same as the Rich Text
    Format used by certain text editors (including Microsoft Word).

    The other posting in this thread alluded to the settings in Outlook's
    Contacts that allow you to control the formatting for specific
    contacts. That's one way of handling it--create a contact for yourself
    and specify NOT to use Rich Text Formatting for that contact. You can
    also change the format of each message separately when composing a
    message to yourself using the Format menu in each message. (I'm going
    from memory here, so I apologize for any inconsistencies or mistakes.)
    One you start sending messages in Plain Text, the WINMAIL.DAT should go

    Scott Lowe, Mar 5, 2005
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