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problems with Apex 8001/KVM-DT KVM switch

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by sqrfolkdnc, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. sqrfolkdnc

    sqrfolkdnc Guest

    Until recently I had two electronic 4 port KVMs feeding a 4 port
    mechanical KVM. I had my Sun going directly to the mechanical KVM,
    only using the video part, I would just use the directly connected
    keyboard when I selected sun on the switch.

    I bought (used) two 8 port Apex KVMs. I figured, I'd chain one off the
    other and only use them.

    They work fine with my linux systems, one of which I know is 1024x640.
    But even when I set my sun to 1024x640 at 60 Hz it gives a blank screen
    when I go through the Apex switch.

    Any idea why? Any idea how to overcome?

    I am trying to buy a sun to PS2 adapter, if it is a matter of some pin
    being different maybe that will fix it, otherwise I have to reinstall
    my mechanical switch...
    sqrfolkdnc, Sep 29, 2005
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  2. sqrfolkdnc

    x Guest

    Older Sun cards only do Composite sync.
    This switched around the late FFB timeframe.

    Even if you have a newer card, many Sun res's are only
    composite, as well.
    Sometimes the switchers get confused by this.

    But most of the 60Hz ones a Separate Sync, more like A PC.

    Oh, also, make sure you don't use an SGI 13W3 to BNC cable.
    They are different.
    And old Sun version only have 4 wires and only support
    Composite sync, as well.
    (so a new card using a Sepatate resolution will fail on an
    old 4-wire adapter/cable)
    x, Oct 4, 2005
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  3. sqrfolkdnc

    sqrfolkdnc Guest

    Thanks. I know the SGI 13w3 adapters are different, I wish I had one
    since I also picked up an indigo 2.

    I found I missed one test before. The ultra 5s do switch video in the
    Apex, although trying to put them through the 2 port Sun KVM fails
    (that's ugly, anyway, 13w3 adapters going in and out of that switch. I
    should be receiving a sun-to-pc adapter, I wonder if that will help.
    sqrfolkdnc, Oct 5, 2005
  4. sqrfolkdnc

    x Guest

    What graphics card are you using ?
    x, Oct 6, 2005
  5. sqrfolkdnc

    sqrfolkdnc Guest

    Thats a good question (what graphics card are you using), I only tried
    it with two computers, an SS20 and an ultra 1, and maybe only with them
    going through the 2 port kvm. I guess I need to retest, more carefully
    and keeping records of what I test. My various second hand computers
    have a variety of frame buffers....I don't know if I would be able to
    identify them all, I remember noticing that at least one was a 3rd
    party. The latest SS20 has a double wide FB that takes up 2 sbus slots.
    sqrfolkdnc, Oct 10, 2005
  6. sqrfolkdnc

    x Guest

    OK this stuff is all old enough to be composite (4-wire) sync only.
    Even the "horizontal" UPA slots (like the Ultra1) are still composite only.
    The transition occured around the time they switched to vertical
    UPA slots (late FFB/vertical early FFB2).
    Anything PCI is more like a PC, and handles both, I believe.

    So make sure the switch handles composite sync.
    Maybe it's an option (setup or jumper inside).

    Oh, and I'm assuming that you are still connecting to the same
    monitor that used to work OK, and not a new flatpanel
    or something. Or at least the a direct connection works OK.

    Also, if you are using some adapters for the switch, just cable up
    all the adapters without the switch, and make sure the cabling is OK.

    If your adapter is 13W3 to BNC (4-wire) hook the sync up to the
    hoizontal sync of the switch.
    x, Oct 11, 2005
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