Problems with old Intel motherboard

Discussion in 'Motherboard General Discussion' started by TheFwGuy, Aug 31, 2022.

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    Aug 31, 2022
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    Hi All !! I hope somebody can give me some suggestions about how to solve a problem.

    First a quick sum up of the situation.

    I have a server using an old mobo Intel (S1200RP_SE), originally with 4 GB Ram and 2 2TB HD in Raid 1 and running Ubuntu 15.04.
    I received the server pre-assembled i.e. I didn't configure it.
    After 7 years of work one HD died so I decided to "revamp" it little bit, so I expanded the Ram to 32GB (the maximum the mobo supports) and replaced the HD with 2 4TB HD in Raid 1.
    Then I did install the latest Ubuntu server edition (22.04 LTS).
    Everything runs BUT there is a problem. The FANs, the ones that keep cool the processor, always run at full speed and they are incredibly noisy.

    I was able to install ipmitool and I'm able to see the Fans and temperatures, they are around 30 C so I don't think the Fan setting is justified.
    I'm looking about information to set the Fan speed. I would say that the automatic fan control is not working since the fans are always at the maximum speed (above 20000 RPM).
    Note that the throttling "per se" works, when the server is powered up the fans starts at the max speed, then going down (around 15000 RPM) and then when the system load the OS, are back full speed.

    I spent quite some time so far looking for a way to set up the speed of the fan via ipmitool without luck, so I wonder if somebody can give me some suggestions about how to proceed.

    TheFwGuy, Aug 31, 2022
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