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Problems with powerpc-elf-gdb and OCDRemote

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by cuijustin, Jun 1, 2005.

  1. cuijustin

    cuijustin Guest

    I installed cygwinenv-2.00.exe,gnutools-powerpc-elf-2.03.exe and
    OCDRemote v2.12(hwsupport-2.12.exe) from http://www.ocdemon.com/. I did
    everything specified in their guide but still couldnot connect
    powerpc-elf-gdb to OCDRemote. I used Wiggler on a MPC823 board. I first
    opened a cygwin bash shell in which I run "ocdremote.exe -c mpc8xx -d
    wiggler" and then I opened another shell in which I run
    "powerpc-elf-gdb -nw". In gdb prompt,I entered "target remote
    localhost:8888". The ocdremote just showed "CPU[1] Accepted gdb
    connection on port 8888.". But gdb just kept printing "Ignoring packet
    error, continuing...". I tried to change endian to big but things
    didn't change. I also tried the example in
    /usr/local/macraigor/demo/ppc/Mot_MPC8xx_ADS as described by its README
    but the result was the same. The board is absolutely ok. I can use OCD
    commander to program it and download some programs to run. Also I can
    use Code Warrior for PPC to debug programs.
    Does anybody know why?
    cuijustin, Jun 1, 2005
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