Problems with Sound on P4PE (SoundMax)

Discussion in 'Asus' started by mad amoeba, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. mad amoeba

    mad amoeba Guest

    Had a lot of trouble with my Asus P4PE. After much
    struggle seems that I've resolves most of them(got lan working, computer
    feels nice and smooth with w2k).

    However one problem that I still can not solve is onboard sound. The sound
    is often unacceptable.
    While playing many files that I know for a fact to be high quality I get a
    lot of crackling and a lot of 'tapping' sounds and
    a lot of noise (however many other files sound OK). I seem to have installed
    all the latest drivers etc from asus website
    but that didn't help.

    However here are several clues that might be relevant.
    1. When I was installing drivers from Asus cd I started getting
    errors something like "could not find entry point for the driver
    2. installed windows XP on the same mobo and that helped the sound problem a
    lot(although didnt solve it completely).
    However Id rather use win2k so using winxp is not an option.
    3. I think that right after fresh install of win2k the sound was better than
    when I started messing around with sound settings.
    Is there a way to get all the sound settings to the way they were when the
    system was freshly installed. I tried uninstalling soundmax
    but that didnt help.

    I've also contacted Asus technical support many days ago but am yet to
    receive any reply. So it looks like you guys
    are my only hope. I was thinking of buying a 20$ sound card but that would
    be like giving up since what is the point of
    buying such an expensive mobo if I can't get it to work.

    mad amoeba, Jun 25, 2003
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  2. mad amoeba

    Paul Guest

    Did you try "Delayed Transaction" [Enabled] in the BIOS ?
    That sometimes helps.

    Paul, Jun 25, 2003
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  3. mad amoeba

    mad amoeba Guest

    yes 'delayed transaction' in bios is enabled.
    thank you for replying.

    mad amoeba, Jun 26, 2003
  4. mad amoeba

    Mr Jones Guest

    You know, I was just having those same problems. When I first put the
    computer together, it was kind of confusing when it came to hooking up the
    front panel audio hookups on my Antec Sonata case, so I blew off hooking
    them up. After a few weeks of the kids reaching behind the computer to put
    headphones in, I finally went in there and (I guess) figured out what goes
    where. That's when I started having all the popping and cracking until I got
    sick of it, yanked the connection and it's been good ever since. Between the
    markings on the Antec connectors, what the manual said and the P4PE
    instructions it was very confusing. I'd love to have that front audio, but
    I'm not going to put up with the crappy audio for it. Good luck

    Mr Jones, Jun 26, 2003
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